love story

Hi, im lola eighteen and continuosly abused by my father, my mother died last year of cancer. anyway, i ran away until i got hit... i woke up and 5 faces were staring at me, mens faces, i screamed and ran to the edge of the bed cowering... until one certain boy cathes my eye....


3. sickness


they gave me food, at instance i thought i was going to be sick and die, "here you need to eat i didnt quite catch your name" it was the curly one again." lola, i dont want to eat, not being rude" i said.


shes so skinny, i want her to eat, she has bruises all over her, so fragile, she is so scared of us. "please eat!!" i demanded by accident. she backed away tears started forming in her eyes. the boys looked at me shocked knowing that she was scared enough as it was and i didnt help."I-i am really sorry.." i pleaded her to stay but she walked off. i followed her to the balcony....


thats it, im jumping i dont care what they say "STOP!! PLEASE I LOVE YOU"

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