love story

Hi, im lola eighteen and continuosly abused by my father, my mother died last year of cancer. anyway, i ran away until i got hit... i woke up and 5 faces were staring at me, mens faces, i screamed and ran to the edge of the bed cowering... until one certain boy cathes my eye....


5. comeback



 what the hell is nialls promblem??? all day hes ignored me! what the **** have i done!!

 "niall you alright" " do i look alright!!! harry you always flirt always have a girl always win!!you always never let me have a chance you douche!!!" i looked over at lola she was scared, niall walked over to her and she stepped back he  pinned up on the wall she started screaming she was shaking and trembling but he kept her locked in his  arms " niall let me go!" " not until i get a kiss lola!" "no niall! i dont love you i love harry!" it shocked me to see her say that she was shaking so bad so i let her go.. " youll regret this lola when he tears your heart you WILL come crawling back.."

 I left for the door to go to my house


 I ran upstairs and got a bag and put all my stuff together " what are you doing lola!!" harry screamed at me making me more scared. " leaving harry!! if you are going to fight ill leave and cant leave you and niall torn for life! its not fair on any of us!!" " where will you go?" i could tell that he was worried about my health. " ill find somewhere harry, i promise" i gave him a peck on the cheek and walked downstairs to find the boys staring at me. " what happened?" louis asked i looked over at him and gave a faint smile and walked out the front door.

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