A Love/Food Disaster ♥

My name is Helen Zachery;I am a student at Modern London High School,my father is an actor and my mother is a model,I have a twin sister she is Lilly;she's also a student she is more energetic than I am she's into sports more too,but I .. um you could call me more fashionable than her.Anyhow my story begins on my biggest day,the opening ceremony,I was walking in my fave place but then he came along and messed up my day...


3. un-finished cake dough

Well it's been a while but nothing new happened most of my days were spent with my friends,we got out a lot X),and had fun all those weeks.Things was food spilled on me a couple of times,I had cappuccino was spilled on my skirt once and a creme cake twice and actually another apple juice.I feel I'm getting used to being like that,so  Mr. apple juice was around.Today I have a cooking class I wonder what are we gonna cook :) *excited*. Oh! I just remembered that Niall is going to be with us *slaps face*
nooo I don't want that it'll be a mess and it's gonna be his paradise :P well who knows.


I woke up this morning early I took a bath and slipped into my skirt I brushed my hair and put some blusher on then I put my apron inside my bag for the cooking class.I wore my blazer,which has had enough because of Niall.
"oh almost forgot my swimsuit"Did I forget to mention today we have a swimming lesson too ^_^
*picks swimsuit up*
"well I'm off" I said that and had my breakfast,and stood in the morning assembly,the day passed slowly and it was time for cooking class.
"well girls wear ur aprons and boys wear those shirts" said the teacher
I put on my apron and then headed to my group,El,me,Niall (why him ?-_-),Dan and emily
Emily was a talented girl she drew so well,she wrote stories she was good with literature better than anyone,but in sports well um better not talk about that,and cooking let's say she can (somehow) cook :P
Dan is so great at sports and his studies are Ok,and i think he has a thing on Jas
"hey get me eggs"said Dan
"Ok""replied Niall
"Ok now I'll mix those"I said
"some sugar please!"yelled Niall
"the creme is almost ready"said El
Niall tasted the creme and said it needed more chocolate
"Ok Mr apple juice go get the milk"i said
Of course by now you might have guessed we are baking a cake,well everyone is doing his own but groups help each other
"I'm done"said Dan while putting his cake in the oven,"anyone needs help?"he asked
"well put mine,too "said El,handing him her cake
"Ok"he replied
"the last thing will be the frosting" i said 'we'll just have to wait for the cake to be baked :) " i added
"want some help"asked Dan
"well,maybe a little" answered Emily
"we should all help you then"i added ,putting mine in the oven
"no no it's Ok , I'll finish with her"said El"you go help Niall i bet he needs help, he only knows how to eat food not make it"

she continued with an evil grin
"Ok"i said rolling my eyes
As I headed towards Niall,"Nia-"i said but was interrupted by..."well it's doaaaawwne whoa"
The whole cake falls on me and my hair is all messed up and has dough in it ,sticky and annoyed i ran outta the room,the cooking lesson which I have been waiting for was a disaster <why every time i do sth he comes and ruins it>
"well aren't you gonna go after he-" said Elenore
*Niall gets up and goes after me*
while he was searching for me I was in the bathroom crying to myself,I knew my crying voice was heard but I couldn't stop
I tried washing my hair but it didn't work so i had to wait until after swimming class or go now,and on top of that I looked hideous with mascara all over my face and eyes as red as a tomato and don't forget the dough covered me
well the dough was going to dry on me so when i was about to open the bathroom's door
"ouch"a voice said
"oh so sorry i didn't mean to"i said and closed the door when i realized it was Niall
"hey! Helen?!"he said
"stay away"
"look I'm sorry that was an accident "

"so you were the one crying loudly after all"
"Helen please "As he said that I knew he leaned against the door
"this is women 's bathroom Just leave "
*he sat on the floor*

"Ok I'll leave you alone,but just come out"
"you promise not to ever come near me"
"... yes"
*open door*


I tried not to look at his face but i did,he was as sad as an abandoned puppy
*goes to dorm room*
I took a shower and missed 1/2 the swimming class,well at least I looked fine,though whenever my and his eyes met he looked away.Well that was our promise
"are you guys Ok?"asked Lilo "I saw what happened"

"yes I'm fine..."
"u sure?"

"well he went as fast as he could when you left,he felt guilty i believe"
"just try to have fun" *splash* "come on" she continued splashing water on me and pulling me into the water
"Ok Ok " *laugh*

"that's it :) "
"well I still have to take my revenge :P"
I could see that Niall was looking at me but I ignored it,actually most guys were gazing at girls because we got to wear our bikinis *LOL*
After that I went to change,chatted with my friends and then went to my room I thought and thought about what I had said to Niall but then I remembered the cooking class,I got up,back to the cooking room then got a piece of my cake which for some reason was eaten? anyhow i went back to m
y dorm room changed into my PJ's then fell sleep.

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