A Love/Food Disaster ♥

My name is Helen Zachery;I am a student at Modern London High School,my father is an actor and my mother is a model,I have a twin sister she is Lilly;she's also a student she is more energetic than I am she's into sports more too,but I .. um you could call me more fashionable than her.Anyhow my story begins on my biggest day,the opening ceremony,I was walking in my fave place but then he came along and messed up my day...


4. no more food spilled?


Well,next thing in the morning after I entered the class was that Niall wasn't sitting next to me. A girl whom I don't remember her name sat there instead,I looked at the chart;his card was replaced by hers :\ um Ok it was a promise *sigh*but why do I feel sad or something like that feeling.Niall didn't speak to me at all.And i passed my day as 'My most boring day ever' well he didn't spill anything at all and that's good.Most of the time when he  was actually near me,which wasn't that long,but i felt like he was so far away.The day passed and I felt something missing.It was :Niall avoiding me and Me avoiding him or was I?,our eyes didn't meet at all,and the nearest space between us was 3 meters or more.What a weird feeling!!!

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