A Love/Food Disaster ♥

My name is Helen Zachery;I am a student at Modern London High School,my father is an actor and my mother is a model,I have a twin sister she is Lilly;she's also a student she is more energetic than I am she's into sports more too,but I .. um you could call me more fashionable than her.Anyhow my story begins on my biggest day,the opening ceremony,I was walking in my fave place but then he came along and messed up my day...


2. ice-cream

Well today feels like my actual  first day at school.I woke up early and washed my face ,brushed my blonde hair,put some light make-up and buttoned up my chemise and wore my red blazer and slipped into my red plaid skirt and went out to the cafeteria for breakfast,i had a cupcake and an omelet,it was yummy, i ate with my friends and sister.

"it's so yummy , you feel like you're in a hotel"said Lilly
"hehehe"i giggled
"well I'm full I'll go to the morning assembly"said Jasmine
"wait for me"yelled Lilly
"so..yesterday you told us that a guy spilled his juice on you but he was cute?"asked Elenore
"pretty much yeah"i answered while putting my tray away
we were walking to the assembly when suddenly ,*SPILL* ice cream dripped from my skirt I looked up and guess who it was Mr.apple juice,"you again"i said ,Elenore was like :[==] *mouth opened so wide*
"what?" i asked
"it's Niall Horan" she said amazingly
"I'm really sorry"he said
"i don't care if you're a celeb. or not u ruining my reputation  -_-" i said with anger
"i know , here! " he handed me apple juice
"not apple juice again!"i said "u know never mind ,just don't come near me again.."i said and walked away
"Girl! that was Niall Horan ,and you just did that and-" "i don't care this can't happen twice"i interrupted
we headed back to the dorm I got a new skirt and checked on my make-up and left we were in time for the assembly,i saw 'Niall' standing in my line,<no way! he's in the same class,this can't be right >
After a while we headed to our classrooms,I was a first year (as you know) my class was A.

"Good Morning Class"The teacher said with a smile
"good morning" the class replied
"I'll be you homeroom teacher this year, my name is Mark"he continued
"Ok , please be seated"he ordered
There was a chart with our seats,I sat next to... *looks at chart to find my name*
<no way this can't be coincidence I'm sitting next to Mr.apple juice :'( i can't take it any more>
"oh..hi!!!I'm sorry for today and yesterday too"he said when i approached my seat.
I ignored him but then ..
*slips paper on my desk*
It said `I'm really sorry but please don't ignore me`
<well he isn't really that annoying >
After two periods it was time for chemistry class and we had to change classes.He was sleeping?
<maybe i should wake him up>
"hey *shake his shoulder, his face shows*''
<oh my god,so cute>
when i looked carefully he had a chocolate bar in his hand *giggle*
*wakes up*
" time for chemistry lesson"I said
"Ok thanks for waking me up"he replied
i smiled and walked away towards El,who was the only one in my class my sis Lilly and Jas were in class 1 C
During chemistry class it was kinda boring cuz u could say Chemistry isn't one of my fave subjects
*after class*

"so did you let him go with it?"El asked
"huh? oh yeah u could say that " i answered
"I never would have thought he would be in this school"she added
A couple of girls came from another class and wanted his autograph, he smiled and did so..i don't really care what Mr.apple juice does,he's some guy whose main interest is food -_- . The day ended really fast I loved the music class, I played drums and El sang, all classes are joined in P.E and music classes and cooking too. So i met with Lilo and Jas, Jas was grounded cuz she put a lot of make-up and shortened her skirt so she wasn't playing,and even though Lilo is the craziest of us she likes violin , I really love her playing :) Mr. apple juice played the guitar it was nice but whateva.
*later that day*
"hey um.."Mr apple juice said while running to catch up with me
"yes?"i replied
"well as a sorry can you take this please um...?"
"Helen! my name is Helen but just don't get near me while you're eating"
"oh Ok :P "
He gave me a little box which was decorated nicely,"Ok thanks! apology accepted" I said with a smile
He smiled back and left < well not a bad guy ,not a bad guy.I wonder what's this ?>
I went back and found out it was a small cute drums phone strap ,and a chocolate,well i should have guessed the chocolate but the phone strap was unexpected :)
I changed into PJ's and lift up my hair into a ponytail and slept.


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