A Love/Food Disaster ♥

My name is Helen Zachery;I am a student at Modern London High School,my father is an actor and my mother is a model,I have a twin sister she is Lilly;she's also a student she is more energetic than I am she's into sports more too,but I .. um you could call me more fashionable than her.Anyhow my story begins on my biggest day,the opening ceremony,I was walking in my fave place but then he came along and messed up my day...


1. apple juice

After my family's vacation in Paris,we returned to London.Today is supposed to be the most important day,Me and my twin sister are going to high school;today is the opening ceremony,I was gonna read my speech in front of all the school.it was going well till he came and messed up my day...


"yay!!Len we're gonna be high school students :)"Lilly said
"i know right ^_^"I said
*on the bus*
"Len,Lilo I missed you guys so much"said a voice
I looked back to find my best friends Jasmine and Elenore sitting behind me.

"We missed you too"said Lilly.

"Jas,Ele how are you?"i added while hugging them
"great"answered Jasmine
"better than you"added Elenore
"hahahah"we all laughed happily because of our rebound
moments later we arrived at the school campus,we got off the bus and headed towards the hall for the ceremony.
"oh!! I forgot my bottle on the bus!"i said stopping instantly.
"go get it quickly"Lilly replied
"Ok"I said while running back towards the bus parking lot.After I brought the bottle,I was heading back when suddenly I saw a large sakura tree ;my fave kind of trees,I was admiring the tree when suddenly.
"Ouch" as i said that i fell on the ground my skirt was dirty and my blazer was stained with something.
"hey you watch your step,You ruined my unifor-"as I looked up I saw a cute guy with blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sea.
"sowwy I didnn mew tcho" he said then ran away
<even though he was cute but HE RUINED MY UNIFORM,ugh if I see him again..and what was all that food>
"Hey you! did you see a guy running here?"a teacher asked.
Even though i was mad i wasn't mean,"what did he look like?"i asked
"so you didn't ,never mind then go to the ceremony"
"Ok" i answered and went to the hall.
I was totally annoyed my skirt and blazer were  stained with *sniff* apple juice -_-
As i entered i remembered i had a speech it was getting worse every moment , after a long time of thinking i entered the hall where my friends were waiting for me.
"what happened?"they all asked at once
"well..never mind I'll tell you later" now can anyon-"i was stopped by a sudden movement behind me and a red blazer on my head.
"here sis"said Lilly
"you can use mine until u finish"she added
"thanks so much"i hugged her and left to the stage for my speech.
After the speech i went to clean my skirt in my dorm room,At last my uniform was clean.
I headed back to the cafeteria to get lunch and spend my first day exploring the school.


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