rose on the doorstep


1. The rose is found <3

I was walking down the street when on the doorstep of the homeless shelter I lived in I picked the rose up and i bruaght it into my dorm. I gave it some water and some flower food and left it there. On day my best friend who also lives in the homeless shelter and is called peter bread he came in and it looked like he was looking for something.Do you want a cuppa i said no i'm ok thankyou. I noticed that he spoted the rose and then suddenly he shouted see you for dinner and just left after he said that.


After a few weeks each delicate petel fell of and drifted down onto my table a few days after that i noticed there was only 1 petel. I examined the rose and walked of my favourite T.V programe was about to come on however in the corner of my eye I saw glimpse of white coming from the rose. As soon as i realized what the white spec was i got really excited. it was a piece of paper i opened it and it said:


Dear George (Thats me)


meet me in the broom closet on the 14th of june at 10:00 there is something inportant you must know

love from peter bread xxx

after that i got really excited i fancy peter bread hopefully it was him showing his feelings to me because not many people want to have a relationship with a scruffy old man



                                                                         THE END

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