Cut In Half

Love is powerful, but how powerful? Can it tear a person apart? Chris and Isabella love each other, but Chris's wrong doings may lead Isabella down a wrong path.


2. Broken To The Point Of No Return


A couple days later I woke up, the sun as bright as ever. I looked in the mirror, wiping my eyes. I look tired and worn out. I could see bags forming underneath, making me look old and used up. Perhaps I am used up. Broken to the point of no return. Maybe, just maybe I can learn to live again.  “Isabella?” Andrew called. “How did the other night go?” I heard him walk into my room.  I opened my bathroom door and just nodded. He reached for my hand, but I immediately moved my hand away. “I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not. You never wanted us to be together.”

“Perhaps, but I like to see you happy.” I stayed quiet and thought of Chris. My heart aches, ripping apart. “Isabella.” He sighed. “I’m crazy about you. Even though we drifted apart. You’re perfection. You’re my everything” My head shot up, meeting his gaze. “You’re perfection. You’re my everything.” I could hear Chris’s voice. I wrapped my arms around Andrew and kissed him over and over again.  He gently lay me on the bed, rubbing his hands up and down my body.

“Chris. I’m so sorry. I love you.” I kissed Andrew after I said those words, but he was already backing away.

“What?” I said nothing. I realized what I was doing. Those words: “You’re perfection. You’re my everything” played in my head. I only wanted Andrew because he reminded me of Chris in that moment. I shoved Andrew to the side and ran out of the house. I needed to find Chris. The sun blinded me as I pushed myself forward. Everything that was happening was a daze. Maybe it was just a dream and I will wake up. But this dream is all too real.

“Chris! Chris!” I yelled and yelled, but no answer followed. In the distance, if I squinted enough, I could make out three figures. “Chris!” I stopped running forward, putting my hand on my forehead, blocking the sun. I could make out Chris’s black hair flowing in the wind. Was he trembling?  “Chris!”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

            My eyes widened as I watched Chris’s body fall limp on the concrete.  “No! No! No!” I began to run, but someone wrapped their arms around me, holding me back.

“Isabella don’t.” It was Andrew. Tears ran out of me uncontrollably.

“Get off of me! No! Chris!” I escaped Andrew’s grasp and ran over to Chris’s carcass. “Why would you do this? Why? I loved him!” The two men stared at me.

“He couldn’t do what needed to be done. You’re the price he has to pay.”

“What?” I sobbed. “You killed him! There is no other price he needs to pay!” I try to wipe my tears, but more just flowed out. Andrew walked cautiously next to me, never taking his eyes off the two men.  

“You won’t be taking her anywhere,” Andrew said. The strange thing was that there was no trace of fear in his voice. The man stared at him and chuckled.

“Oh yeah and whose going to stop me?” One of the men said. He was tall and muscular. His eyes were a dark musky blue that stood out on his ragged skin. A scar was implanted on his face, starting from the left temple going down to the right side of his jaw. 

“That would be me.” Andrew’s voice was full of confidence as he stood up in a defensive posture. He was trying to protect me.


I watched Andrew’s body fall to the ground, the blood oozing out of his head onto the ground.  “No!” I screamed. “Please stop killing people. Please! What did Chris do that was so bad?”

“Murder, trespassing, and robbery. Of course he only did it because we told him to. He was in this game a long time sweetheart. Way before he met you. You were part of the game. You were supposed to be a victim. He was never supposed to fall in love with you. That of course made things complicated. He couldn’t get the job done so death was the only solution. And now you are ours for the taking.” The tall man said

 That same man smiled and handed me a gun.  I took it, staring up into the eyes of evil. Strangely it drew me in, but I shook the feeling off. “What do you want me to do with this?” My voice was low, barley above a whisper.  They said nothing. I looked at the small pistol that lay in my hand, pointing it to my head. I pulled the trigger.


            No piercing loud boom and no pain that followed. I looked down. There was no blood. The gun didn’t fire. “What is this?”

“You didn’t think we would let you off the hook that easily sweetheart did you? We are going to break you.”

“How can you break something that’s already broken?” They said nothing. I felt the sun pushing at my backside. The heat warming up my ice cold body. A body that couldn’t feel any more pain. A body that is totally broken. The tall man took my arm, pulling me up and tearing me away from Chris forever. 

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