Ghostly Tomlinson

This story is from Thecoumie. I loved the story so much I decided to share it. She writes other great stories too! Go check it out.

He delicately wipes away a tear running down my face with his thumb. He stares into my eyes, his hand on my cheek. 

- Why are you crying? he asks me with a sweet voice. You seem disturbed.
I take a deep breathe, blink to let the tears fall, then stare into the blue if his eyes.

- He wants me, I whisper so the other doesn't hear me. He wants me...
- Who? he worries. 
In response, I merely shudder.

- Don't be scared, you're safe with me, baby. 
He leans over and I can feel his lips on mine. They comfort me. He kisses me passionately when the stairs creak and a strange ultrasound is heard. I move away from him and my muscles are tightening, my arms stretch out along my body, my eyes wide opened just like two balls. 

- He's here...


2. Chapter Two

This morning when I wake up, the groom is floating straight up my face. He looks at me with evilly. He seems even more threatening than usual with his little black eyes. 

- Cassandra?!
Tanvir, my best and roommate runs into my room. She enters in a big din and the groom disappears.

- You okay, Cass?! she asks, sitting on the end of my bed. 
- Y-yes... I answer wiping away the sweat from my forehead and looking everywhere to see where the ghost is gone.
The tremors of my body are uncontrollable. I am grasping for my air and Tanvir is staring at me. 

- I'm alright... I repeat whilst getting up my bed. I only had a... a nightmare.
I open my drawer and I take some clothes to get dressed.

- Cass, what's going on with you?
I stop.

- You're so weird since few times! she says. You seem disturbed and withdrawn...
She's right. I am. But I can't tell her anything, she'd think I am crazy! So I invent something.
- I... I think it's just the fact that I'm finally seeing One Direction today that makes me nervous.
She stares at me, frowning her eyebrows. 

- Maybe, she admits. You know, if you need to talk, I'm here.
- I'm okay, I say taking out a shirt off my drawer. 
- So, you'll bring me back pictures of these five sex gods? Tanvir says with a big smile. 
- Obviously.
She laughs gleefully and leaves my room wishing to have fun out there before she goes to work. I put my clothes on and I turn around. The groom is still not there. "Better like this," I tell myself. 

Finally, I am seeing One Direction! I just hope to freaking ghost won't follow me there and waste the moment!

- Hey, stupid groom! I scream so he can hear me. I don't know what you are planning to do today but I know you're not coming with me! I'm going to see the boys today and don't dare you come!
I wait a moment and there's nit a word. I suppose he understood and that he won't come. 

I put my jewelleries on when I hear a weird ultrasound and a big gale passes by.
I turn around, distraught, and I see the ghost, even scarier than usual, pouncing on me.

His wound in his beck is dripping on the ground, his mouth is wide opened and he's screaming like a maniac, which makes the ultrasound. His hands are straight in front of him like he wanted to catch something. 

He seems like he's really angry and he's coming in my direction. I let out a shrill scream and jump on my side. I fall to the ground and the groom lands on my wall where there're my One Direction posters.

I get up and look where he landed. My posters are all ripped, shred and destroyed on the wall. I keep on screaming and run to the kitchen. 

He floats in my direction, smiling at me menacingly and then disappears. I pass my hand in my hair and grasp my air. I fall to my knees and cry. What's going on with me?! I want all of this to stop!


The band One Direction is backstage in the talk-show in which they're going to perform and get interviewed and few minutes. They're sitting on couches and are talking with each other. Paul Higgins, their body guard, approaches them.

- Boys, the show starts in 3 minutes.
- Perfect, they all answer. 
They get up and go stand in front of the entrance of the set. They let the ladies in service put microphones on them.

Liam Payne looks on the other side of the curtain which separates them from the audience. There are a lot of fans, about 200.

- Wow, there are a lot of people in here for a private show, he says.
- It's the same number as usual, says Zayn Malik.
- One minute before going on stage, a voice announces. 
- Oh, one last thing before you go on stage, says Paul. You'll have to choose a fan in the audience to come and meet you. 
- Choose?! they exclaim. 
And here we go again with that situation. In every show the boys have to choose a fan in the audience, none of them volunteers to choose the fan because they hate it.

All the fans are amazing and deserve to meet them. But they can only choose ONE. They feel like they're disappointing the ones they don't choose. 

- 50 seconds! the voice announces. The fans scream into the audience.
- So I need one of you to choose that fan. 
Just like a thunder, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam and Zayn all point to Louis Tomlinson with their fingers and he is pointing everywhere just not to be picked up. Louis looks around him and realizes everyone is pointing at him. 

- No! he protests. Not me, boys! Please! That's unfair! 
- 10 seconds.
- Alright. Louis, you'll choose the fan! exclaims Paul. 
- Oh, boys that's not funny! Louis says with a half smile while punching them with his hand to stop them from laughing. 
- On air! the voice announces which allows the boys to get on the set.

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