Ghostly Tomlinson

This story is from Thecoumie. I loved the story so much I decided to share it. She writes other great stories too! Go check it out.

He delicately wipes away a tear running down my face with his thumb. He stares into my eyes, his hand on my cheek. 

- Why are you crying? he asks me with a sweet voice. You seem disturbed.
I take a deep breathe, blink to let the tears fall, then stare into the blue if his eyes.

- He wants me, I whisper so the other doesn't hear me. He wants me...
- Who? he worries. 
In response, I merely shudder.

- Don't be scared, you're safe with me, baby. 
He leans over and I can feel his lips on mine. They comfort me. He kisses me passionately when the stairs creak and a strange ultrasound is heard. I move away from him and my muscles are tightening, my arms stretch out along my body, my eyes wide opened just like two balls. 

- He's here...


3. Chapter Three

I am sitting in the audience of the talk-show and I am super excited. A man's voice is echoing in the entire studio announcing the time left before the boys come on set. 

- 3 minutes! says the voice. 
I am so excited. Finally, I'll see them with my eyes! I almost forgot about this morning's adventure though. 

The groom went mental! I don't understand why he did this, he never tried to hurt me but this time I can bet he did. 

- 1 minute!
I am really scared he'll show himself in here. He really hates One Direction and I don't know why and with what I saw this morning, he'd be ready to do everything to them. 

I don't want this to happen. Why do I see this spirit and what does he want from me?

- 50 seconds!
I scream of happiness with the other fans in the audience. 

- 10 seconds!
Oh my God, finally! 

- On air! 
I scream and clap. I finally see them. They're here. All five are fabulous. They're waving at the audience and I can't help but scream louder.

They start singing. I feel so good. Their voices sound like angels. I sing with them, tears are in my eyes. It's a dream. 

Suddenly, someone walks on the stage and makes them sit down. It's a lady. She's wearing a flowery dress with white high heels. She has short black hair and her blue eyes glows in the whole studio.

- Hello One Direction, says the lady, moving her hands to make the audience stop clapping. Welcome to the Suzanne Show! 
- Hello, they all answer together.
- So, to start today I'd like to tell you guys sing really amazingly, great performance!
The boys whisper a little "thank you" as they stare at the ground. 
For a while, the interviewer asks them questions and makes all of this really funny and interesting. It's when Suzanne announces a big new that the vibe changes.

- Yes, the boys from One Direction will choose right now a fan among all of the people in the audience to get down and meet them! 
My breathe is cut. This fan... it could be me!

All of the boys turn their head to Louis with a smirk and he rolls his eyes to them as he starts talking:

- So, I am going to choose the lucky fan...
My heart beats like never before. I get up and put my hands up in the air, I'm almost standing on my chair. 

I'm yelling: "Louis! Me! Louis! Here!"

But suddenly, everything becomes dark. I get a punch in my stomach. Louis is pointing at me. He's pointing at... Me! 
A guard takes me by the arm and guides me to get down on the stage. I am so confused. All emotions are coming through my body at the same time. What is going on?! Actually, I don't want to go. It's impossible, no! Why now?!

I am fighting in the guard's arms but he's grabbing me tightly. 
Louis is waiting for me with his shining blue eyes and his gorgeous smile... He's making me wild! I want to go!

But the silhouette with a pearl white skin appearing just behind Louis is scaring me so much and makes me weak, I don't want to go. 

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