Ghostly Tomlinson

This story is from Thecoumie. I loved the story so much I decided to share it. She writes other great stories too! Go check it out.

He delicately wipes away a tear running down my face with his thumb. He stares into my eyes, his hand on my cheek. 

- Why are you crying? he asks me with a sweet voice. You seem disturbed.
I take a deep breathe, blink to let the tears fall, then stare into the blue if his eyes.

- He wants me, I whisper so the other doesn't hear me. He wants me...
- Who? he worries. 
In response, I merely shudder.

- Don't be scared, you're safe with me, baby. 
He leans over and I can feel his lips on mine. They comfort me. He kisses me passionately when the stairs creak and a strange ultrasound is heard. I move away from him and my muscles are tightening, my arms stretch out along my body, my eyes wide opened just like two balls. 

- He's here...


1. Chapter One

- So, can you explain what brings you here, Cassandra? 

The therapist is looking at me carefully. He's waiting for my answer, his head resting on his fist. I see him from the corner of my eye. I'm lying on a chair which shows him its back. 


I do not answer anything and stare at the ceiling. I would like him to be able to read my mind and to understand why I'm here with him in real fact.


I never talked about my problems to anyone. Not even my parents. But I have anything to lose now that I'm in the therapist's office.


- I can see things.

- Things? he repeats whilst scribbling something on his notebook. What kind of things do you see?

Here it goes. The question I didn't want to hear has been asked. "What do you see?"


To be closer to the truth, I see, hear and feel presences. Yes, I, Cassandra, 19 years old, I can see spirits. Spirits and ghosts of death people. 


Everything started when I was only 7 years old. My parents and I moved in a really old house they thought was beautiful in Liverpool. The first day, I was terrified by cold voice searching to kill someone. I didn't want to tell my parents because they would've think I was crazy. 


Since then, we moved to London in a normal house when I was 12. I thought everything would stop but I was wrong. 


This same spirit kept following me. Every night, the ghost was floating up my bed doing weird noises, scaring me to death. He never hurt me though. 


But now, I'm 19 years old and he still follows me. This dead man with black hair, pearl white skin, wearing a black suit, no socks, with his eyeballs deeply sunken into their purple orbits, he looks like a dead groom. Everything about him scares me. But what terrifies me the most is a bloody, big wound in his neck. Everyday, the wound seems even more red and deep. He always repeats these same three words: "Kill... Why... Maria..."


I spend white nights with this spirit. He frightens me so much. I don't just see him. I see all the death people who want to show themselves under my eyes. But only this man follows all the time and EVERYWHERE I go. 


To come back with the therapist, I came to get help from him. I have a job to pay the half of my house (I live with my friend) and I can't concentrate because of that ghost. I never searched for help because everyday I was telling myself everything would stop... But I was just completely wrong. 


I explain everything to the therapist. 


- You see presences not wanted like death people and spirits since you are 7. Have you ever thought of talking about this to anyone or search for help? 

No, never. But someone helped me without really knowing. One Direction.


When I was 17, I watched the X Factor and I literally fell in love with them. Every time the groom is around, I put the volume to the max to forget him. When One Direction is on, I don't see him. He disappears. I feel safe when they're with me. I've put posters all around my bed and he doesn't float up it anymore. He stays in front of my door, whispering those three words. He maybe is afraid of them..?


There's some moments I don't see him. From 8pm to 9pm I don't see him.

When the groom leaves because of my music, he seems angry, really angry. He whispers faster and louder "KILL..."


One Direction helped me find a bit of joy. Tomorrow they have a private concert in London and I am going. 


They will sing and get interviewed. I probably won't see the groom, it seems like he hates the boys so much. 


- Alright, Cassandra, he says. I saw a lot of people who had the ability to see ghosts and stuff and it's a unique gift you've got. You don't have to be afraid. But we have to know the difference between evil spirits and the ones who came for peace.

I roll my blue eyes. These spirits ruin my life, evil or not! I pass my hand in my blond hair and sigh. 


- Tell me, Cassandra. The man you described me seems not normal from the others. Is he with us right now?

- Of course he is, I say with a little voice.

I point the corner of the room, near the door. The groom is there since the beginning of the appointment. 


He's looking at me with his little black eyes.


- And I think you upset him, I continue, closing my eyes to not see his white face. I... I should go...

I awkwardly get up and grab my purse. I run to the door, avoiding delicately the scary groom. I turn the handle, of the door when the therapist adds:


- I can't do anything for you right now. But come back if you want to talk.

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