Shattered Meomories

When Shadow the hedgehog goes missing for three years, Sonic and his friends can't help but get worried about him.
One day, when Sonic the hedgehog goes out for a run, he finds Shadow, almost dead by some old castle ruins, when Shadow wakes up from his 'coma', he remembers seeing a young grey wolf before he fell unconcious, but the wolf he remembers seems very familiar somehow...

Characters used ©SEGA


1. Reflections

Sonic's POV

It had been three years since I saw Shadow the hedgehog, the dude went missing after he was sent out on a mission to retreive a Chaos Emerald from Dr. Eggman, or, as I like to call him; Dr. Egghead. So of course we all started to wonder where Shad had got to, but it never really crossed my mind, I mean, the guy didn't like me, so why should I have cared? But I did start to miss him, he was my friend, although he tried to kill me whenever he wanted to.

One day, when I went out for my daily run, I decided to go a different route, one that goes past the old Solstice palace, the place was a junkyard, apparently, nearly five thousand years ago, it was home of a family that had power over the galaxy. I didn't believe that rubbish though, I mean, animals that controlled the Sun and Moon? Complete bullcrap if you ask me, but I'm glad I went that route, because I found the most unlikely person ever in those ruins, you'll never believe me but it was Shadow!

When I got home, the first thing I did was test Shadow for a pulse, ten minutes of searching later, I found one, a fiant one, but it was there. Then, I called Tails, My best buddy who quickly came over and checked Shadow for injuries and possibly broken bones. He only found one in Shad's arm, so that was patched up, and then, around a whole hour later, Shadow started to wake up from his coma, or at least that's what I called it.

First thing the dude said was "Where the hell am I?", Classic Shadow, at least he was himself. I explained where I had found him, what had happened to him (the busted arm bit) and where he was, but within my explaining he said "Did you see her?".

Umm, the heck? What was he talking about? Who? When I asked him, oh boy, I was given a long lecture, here's what he said:

"Before I passed out, there was this grey wolf-girl, she looked like me but i can't remember her voice, face or what she was wearing if she was wearing anything at all, did you see her? Becuase she looked familiar and I think she might know about my past!"

YIKES! Dude must have hit his head or something! Becuase I've NEVER heard that much nonsense come out of that dude's mouth!

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