(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



42. Wedding

***Simmie's POV***

Getting up, I dress in my sari. Wrapping it around me, I toss it carefully over my shoulder. Checking my make-up and hair, I touch my earrings, my necklace and my matching head ornament, barely passing my hairline. I push the bangles past my hands, past my wrists to my forearms. Rotating my wrist, I make sure their not damaged. Satisfied, I turn to look in the full-length mirror.

I see my hair tumbling down my back in ringlets curls. My sari was covering me properly, in a sheath of fuchsia with black embroidery all over and black del-monte strips around the border. I spot the spike of a black stiletto poking out as I lift the back up to check. My jewellery all matches; metallic black with fuchsia spots. Winking at myself, I blow a kiss from my dark pink lips into my reflection.

Picking up the ends on my sari, I make my way over to Nick's room.

Nicks,” I knock on the door, “can I come in?”
Yeah, Sim.” He says.
I push the door open and step in quickly, before swiftly shutting the door behind me.
You nervous Nick?” I say, making eye contact in the mirror at him.
He's fixing his shirt as I talk to him.
Yeah, a little bit Sim.”
I smile slightly, before leaning against the wall, my arms crossed.
Nick, you'll be fine. You two are so happy together.”
I love her so much.” He says to me, looking up from his shirt. He smiles pretty sheepishly before turning to face me.
Can you do this for me? I'm shaking too much to do it.”
Taking pity on him, I chuckle at him, as well as push off the wall to him. Pinning his scarf in place over his shoulder, I brush his shoulders, flicking off imaginary lint.
Your mum would be proud, Nick.” I look at him and he has tears shining in his eyes. He lost his mum when he was seventeen, his dad divorced her when he was little. Nick hadn't had it easy. He smiles down at me before crushing me into a bear hug.
I love you Sim, it's going to be tough to watch Ethan give you away someday.”
I push myself into him, wrapping my arms about his waist.
I love you too. It's great seeing you happy but I think I'll get jealous of you spending so much time with her.”
He laughs and the sound runs through me. Pulling away, I lead him to the mirror.
We both stand there, hand in hand. Looking at out reflections for a few moments, I turn to face him. Straightening his shirt out, I smile up at him.
Meet you downstairs.” We both smile and he gives me one more hug, claiming “it'll be different when I’m married.” I chuckle before he leans to kiss my cheek.

I walk out the door, taking one glance back to see him watching me.

My Nick's getting married.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I see Mollie and Niall walking to my parents. Smiling, I walk over to them, meeting them halfway.
Biscuit.” I say in my sing-song voice.
Simmie!” she almost screams and wraps her arms around me, causing my family to look at us. I shake my head and squeeze her.
She pulls back and I hug Niall.
Hey Niall.” I say and he smiles his greeting.
You look amazing!” Mollie says, pointing to my current attire.
Thanks Mollie, you look pretty beautiful yourself. Seems like someone went shopping at a little place called 'Simmie's wardrobe',” looking at her in more detail," and a little boutique called 'my dresser'!"
She smiles sheepishly before flushing a beautiful pink, the same as what she was wearing.

Well, she was wearing a baby pink sari with delicate silver embroidery. I've taught her how to put one on and she's done me justice. Her make-up was scarce, pink on her lips, cheeks and eyelids. She looked innocent. Her silver jewellery was plain, simple pearl studs and a string of pearls laying on her collar bone. Niall had a black suit on with a white shirt, his tie red. Smiling at them both, I take Mollie's free hand.
"I'm not around for long so I'll take you to my parents and Ethan."
I drag Mollie and Niall follows behind.
Mollie and Niall relax when they see my parents. My mum hugged them both she caught up with Mollie. She always did like Molls. Niall's talking with my dad and Ethan. Leaving them to it, I go back to Nick who's nervously pacing outside.

"Chill, Nick. You'll be fine. She'll be fine. Everything will be okay. Don't worry Nick." He walks over to me by the door, wrapping one arm around my shoulders.
"I know, I know. I just wish Mum was here. I'm nervous, what if she doesn't show or gets cold feet? What if she doesn't want to marry me?"
Smiling up at him, I sigh.
"Nick," I say, winding one arm over his back,"don't worry. She's lucky to have a guy like you. Your mum's never gone, Nicky, she's always here." I tap over his heart. He wraps his arms around me.
"Simmie, I'm scared."
"Me too, Nicks, me too." I say into his chest.
He lets go of me as someone asks for him to enter to begin. He walks in, throwing me a sheepish smile. I smile back at him, walking in behind him.

We're at the reception now, eating food. Sitting near the front, the music is deafening. It's deafening from five miles away!

Through out the whole ceremony, I kept thinking of Zayn.

Did I make a mistake? Did I jump to conclusions too fast? What if it was innocent?

I was dragged from my thoughts as we left to go to the reception.

So here I am.

I'm supposed to be going back tonight, with Mollie and Niall. Looking at the time, I realise I've spent enough time here. Offering my congratulations to Nick and Rani, I make the rounds to say goodnight to people. My cousins joke about 'going before the dancing starts.' I'm known for dancing at weddings and they still me the 'dancing queen' from back when I was young.

Making my way to Ethan's car, keys in hand, I unlock the door. Locking myself in the car, I text Mollie letting her know I'll be home before her. She says that's fine. I put my bag on the passenger seat before going back to my childhood home to pack.

Packed, I toss a thick cardigan over my black camisole and denim cut-offs. Summer ends fast in Britain, I think to myself as I remember September draws in next week. I tie up my converse before tidying my room. Walking down the stairs, I leave Ethan's car keys on the kitchen table before walking to the station, duffel bag in hand.

Getting on the train, I get my phone out to go through my emails from the past week. Answering the important ones, I see its ten pm. Sighing, I realise I'm ten minutes from London. Putting my phone in my bag, I stare out the window before the train hauls into the station.

Reaching my apartment, I toss my keys on the sideboard. Flinging my bag inside the door of my room, I grab a bottle of beer from the fridge.

Looking out over the sitting room, I see the light flash on the machine, meaning one of us had missed a call. I also noticed I had a full voice mail box on my phone.

Checking my voice mail on the phone, it's a message from Zayn.
"Your voice mail was full and you're not returning my calls. I miss you. Call me princess." My walls tumble as his sincerity and at 'princess'.

Wiping the fallen tears, I pull a long tug at my beer. Pulling out my phone, I check it.
Every message was from him.
"Call me when you get this."
"What did I do?"
"It's not what you think."
"I miss you."
"Princess please."
"Princess, stop it. The automated message is driving me insane. Princess call me please. Mollie and Niall won't tell me where you are. Princess."
Deleting them all, I finish my beer. Putting the bottle in the recycling, I notice a lot of magazines.

Pulling them out, I see they're fairly new. And with 'exclusive interviews from Zerrie.' I flick through them all, glossy pictures, big quotes.
'We're so in love.'
'I'm moving in with him.'

I find one shot of me and Zayn. Looking through the article, I see he's denying all knowledge of me. "Good photo shop skills with a fan." he said. "I don't know her, she's not my type."

Throwing them back in the bin, I take a slug from the vodka bottle in the back of the fridge. Walking into my room, I strip down.

Blaring out my music on shuffle, even though its eleven pm on a Saturday night, I unpack, angry tears rolling down my face. My phone beeps and I reach for it. Niall's keeping Mollie over night. Its too late to come home alone, he said. See? Niall and Mollie treat each other so well, it brings tears to my eyes. I see its midnight. Turning down my music slightly, I furiously begin to clean the apartment.

The apartment was spotless and I fall into bed at three am, exhausted. My dreams torment me, Zayn with Perrie. Waking up fitfully in the early hours of Sunday, I cry for something I never had.

Dragging myself out of bed at eight am, I take the keys and go to Tesco, buying some more groceries. I busy myself with mundane tasks before Mollie comes home.

Mollie strolls in at nine in the evening. I'm already in bed, feigning sleep. I don't want to talk to anyone, I just want to wallow in self pity. She's in a tee shirt. She takes Zayn's black hoodie from the window seat and walks of the room.
She comes back in a few moments and sits on the bed staring at my back.
Signing, she silently lies next to me. I turn over to face her, tears in my eyes. She takes one look at me before she wraps her arms around me and I wrap mine around her, tears pouring down my face. She held me through the night as I cried for everything.
"I know you don't want to tell people but if you ever need to tell someone, I'm here." She whispers softly, as the sun rises to bring....Monday. "Sleep for a while, lovely." She kisses my forehead, before settling an arm around me. She closes her eyes and I close mine, finding little peace in a dreamless sleep.

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