(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



63. Wedding Morning

***Mollie's POV***

I couldn't sleep. It was four in the morning.
On my wedding day.
Oh my god.
I never thought this would happen. I always thought myself too worthless to ever be anyone's bride; I would never be good enough. But I was getting married.
To Niall.
Oh my god.

"Biscuit!" Simmie sings, bursting into my bedroom. I laugh and jump out of bed. I immediately hug her and she squeezes me close to her.
"How are you feeling?" She asks, pulling back with a huge grin.
"Just... Just..." I fight to find words to describe it.
"Nervous, happy, joyful, amazed, dazzled, amazing, scared!" I exclaim, the words toppling over each other in their hurry to get out.
"Oh, sweetie. You'll be fine," she promises, taking my hand.
"You're going to get married!' She squeals and we dance around like we were a couple of young teenagers again.
"Do you remember Prom night at school?" I ask, sitting down on the stool infront of my dressing table. I turn to face her as she begins pulling hair things and makeup from my drawers.
"Yes! Oh my god, that was amazing. We were nearly late because it took so long to get our hair right," she laughs at the memory, her dark eyes twinkling. I missed being young again; sometimes I wish I could go back. But I had so much to look forward to now... I was going to be Mrs Mollie Horan.
I try it out loud on my lips and Simmie smiles, looking up at me from where she is plugging in hair curlers.
"You sound so happy when you say it." She notes with a knowing grin. I blush and she pushes my hair behind my ear.
"He makes me happy." I reply, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Good." She says, grinning. "Now get in the shower and brush your teeth while I get your stuff ready." As she begins to shoo me to the bathroom.


***Niall's POV***

"Is she okay?" I ask, bombarding her.

Jesus, Niall. She's fine.” Simmie says, smiling up at me.

Hey Niall, if you hurt her, I will attack you even though Mollie loves you and I'm married to Zayn.” She smiles sweetly and I smile back.


Hauling her in for a hug, I tell her I expected no less.


What's this about me?” Zayn says, appearing beside Simmie. He anchors an arm about her waist as he leans down for a kiss.


Niall, you might want to take you place.” Simmie says, breaking away from Zayn, “she'll be here in a few moments. She was just talking to Hope as I left.”


Hope's Mollie's little cousin. She loves her to pieces and there's no doubt that she'll make an amazing mother. Simmie and Zayn kiss one more time before Zayn drags me to the altar and Simmie walks out to Mollie. I see the glimpse of a white dress. Here we go.



***Mollie's POV***

The soft sound of Ed Sheeran's voice flutters through the doors of the registrar office. It makes my heart beat faster. My palms are sweating like mad.
"I'm so nervous," I tremble. My dad hooks his arm through mine and kisses my cheek softly.
"You'll be fine," he promises with a crooked smile. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.
"Molls!" A small voice calls out. My baby cousin, Hope, bursts through the doors.
"Hey little chick," I say gently, crouching down so I'm at her height.
"Molls, please don't leave us." She begs, wrapping her small arms around my neck.
"What do you mean, silly?" I ask her, chuckling.
"Mummy says you're going to have a new family when you marry Nialler." Hope frowns at me, her large brown eyes full of saddness. I look over at my aunty who stands beside my mother in the hallway. She smiles at me and I bite back a laugh.
"Im not leaving, chick. Dont worry." I tell her, smiling widely as her eyes light up.
"Promise?" She asks, holding out her hand. I take it in my own and kiss it gently before hooking my fist gently around her tiny ring finger. It was the way she used to hold onto my finger when she was a newborn and it had become our way of a 'pinky promise'.
"Promise," i whisper, kissing her button nose and tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear. She gives me a toothy grin, satisfied  I pick up the small wicker basket full of lilac rose petals and hand them to her. She clutches them tightly before taking my aunt's hand.
"Biscuit," Simmie exclaims, rushing to hug me.
"Hey," i whisper, resisting the urge to bite my nails. She pulls back and grins proudly, tears in her eyes.
"You'll be fine, i promise." She grins at me and I nod, chewing on my lip. She takes Hope's other hand and my aunt lets go. She follows my mother into the registrar office and they take their seats. I listen as the woman's voice tells everyone to stand for the bride. I swallow and my dad hooks his arm through mine once again. Hope pushes open the large doors with help with Simmie and begins to chuck the petals onto the floor infront of us. I step with my dad, his hand on mine the whole time. Classical music, the first piece i ever learnt to play on piano, washes over me as i follow Simmie and Hope down the aisle. Towards my fiancee. Towards Niall.

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