(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



49. The Plan

*five days later*

***Niall's POV***
I hold Mollie's hand, her fingers finding their place in mine, as I walk her to my apartment. The weathers a bit colder than last weekend, the winter bite returning.

Mollie's wearing black jeggings, fitting to her like a second skin with an oversized jumper. The top bit was white and it sort of faded into pink at the bottom. Her neck was covered in a black knitted scarf. She wore battered pink Chucks on her feet, the laces turning grey with age.

Leading her into my apartment, I hear the guys in the kitchen.
"Guys, Mollie's here." I feel her grip my hand a little tighter as the three boys storm into the room. "Mollie." They collectively sigh her name.

All standing in-front of us, Mollie gains some confidence.
"Hey guys." She says, her voice barely above a whisper. She steps forward a little bit.

Harry introduces himself to her, bring her free hand to his lips and kissing her hand. I glare angrily at him. He smiles in my direction before Louis pushes in front of him. He introduces himself before bowing down in front of her. I shake my head, laughing. Mollie giggles before saying its nice to meet you. Liam patiently waits his turn before introducing himself, and wrapping her into a friendly hug. I glare at him.

Zayn wanders into the room, his heads in his pockets and he thinks deeply about something. Simmie, probably. The boys notice Zayn and Zayn looks at us.
"Hey guys." Seeing Mollie, his face brightens up. "Hey Mollie, is Sim-"
"She's fine." Mollie cuts him off with a polite smile. The boys share a confused look before Zayn shrugs and goes back to him room.
"What was that about, love?" Louis asks Mollie, with a mask of confusion.
"My roommate." Mollie sighs, "He likes her. She doesn't like him." She smiles halfheartedly before adding."well she acts like it."

"Will we meet her?" Harry nudges the boys, the plan to tease Zayn formulating in their minds.
Mollie looks at me sneakily,

"Maybe." She answers slyly.


After dinner, we're all sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching the orphanage, scattered pizza boxes on the floor. It's about ten pm on a Friday night. Mollie smiles at me slightly.

The boys are sitting on the floor, Harry's laying in front of the telly. Louis is still munching pizza and Liam's asleep on the other couch. Mollie and I have a sofa to ourselves. Mollies sitting with her legs tucked under her, leaning on the armrest. I'm sprawled out on the sofa, the top half on the sofa, the rest nearly on the floor, my head on her lap.
"I'll be right back." She says taking her phone with her, smiling down at me.

She comes back a few minutes later, grinning.
"Simmie's coming over for a bit. She's bringing Sienna, the girl from the apartment beneath us. " she says, the boys all looking at her.
"I forgot my bag and need her to drop it off." Mollie smiles. She was staying over for the night so I guess that made sense. She sits back down and I lay my head back on her lap.
"She wants her sweats back from Zayn, and her shirt." She whispers to me.
"Is the black one with red writing on it?"
She nods her head. The boys' attention is back on the film.
 "Good luck trying to get that." I laugh quietly.
"What do you mean?" She asks befuddled.
"He walks around with it all the time, sniffing it."
Her eyebrows raise the doorbell goes.
"I'll get it!" Harry says, jumping up inhumanly fast.
Mollie and I look at each other as he opens the door.
"Hello ladies, what can we do for you? An autograph? Pictures? A kiss?"  Harry says cheekily. Simmie politely chuckles.
"Can you give this to Mollie please?" Simmie says.
"Hey Simmie," I say loud enough for Zayn to hear, "come in."
"No I'm fine thanks Niall." She says. Harry drags them in.
"Hey Sienna. Hola Simmie." Mollie says over the sofa. Simmie smiles at her.
"Here's your bag." A timid voice from behind says. Louis perks up. He's being hypersensitive since his breakup. Hm. Mollie smiles at her before asking her to leave it by the door.
"Come join us." Liam says, waking up. "I promise I don't bite." Simmie smiles and walks with Sienna. Simmie sits in the middle.
"I'm Liam by the way."
"Harry." He says pointing to the slob infront the telly snoring.
"Louis." Louis says waving at Sienna. She smiles back. Interesting. Mollie and I share a look of interest.
"Niall." I say, " and Zayn's in his room."

After a few moments of silence, Simmie breaks it.
"I should get my sweats and go." She says, rising. "Where are they?"
"With Zayn." Mollie casually replies, faking interest in her nails.
"Oh." Simmie's face hardens. "Bring them back when you get home."
Sienna and her make their way to the door.
"Stay Sienna." Louis pleads. Sienna turns and looks at him. We all look at him but he's too busy staring at Sienna.
"Hey Zayn." Niall pretty much shouts. Zayn nods his head in response. He looks up and sees me.
"Can I have my sweats back?"
"What sweats?"
"The black sweats and my Alabama shirt please."
"The one you sniff." Niall adds. Zayn flushes crimson and the boys laugh.
"Shut up Niall." He growls.
"I would like them please."
"Come and get them." He challenges.
Looking at Sienna, who's talking to Louis like long lost friends, she shrugs her shoulders and walks to Zayn's room, her head held high. As she rounds the corner, Zayn winks at Mollie who beams back; they have a plan. Zayn follows Simmie and I hear the door close softly to his room. Looking at the boys and at Mollie and shake my head.

I don't want to know. Just yet.

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