(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



23. The Big Bang Theory

***Zayn's POV***


Oh. My. God.


I want her. I want her so bad, it hurts. She's standing there asking me something about a carrier bag. I shake my head and smile. I have no idea what she just asked me. Rolling up my jeans I rest them beside me. She hands me my hoodie and I rest it in my lap. Taking a deep breath, I say,

“Baby, girls have their boyfriends hoodies, so here you go.”

Offering her my hoodie. A beat goes by and she doesn't take it. I lay it over her lap, both of us staring at it. Her head drops forward and I look at her, thinking I made a mistake. I know its five sizes to big for her and it probably smells. She doesn’t want it. Biting my lip I prepare myself for the worst. I thought this was how it was done in the movies.


She suddenly looks up.


Gently running her finger tips over the hoodie she reaches for my face, her hands resting on my cheeks. She gets up on her knees, so she's at eye-level with me, the hoodie falling between us. She presses out foreheads together and whispers 'thank you' against my lips before kissing me. My hands run up and down her back, brushing the end of her ponytail. I had an idea. I grabbed a fist of hair, tilting her head back.


Running my lips over her face and throat, I worshipped her. She drags my face back to hers and resumes kissing me as my slip back to her hips. Finally, a girl with lush hips. I lift her onto me, her legs falling into place either side on me. She sits on my lap, straddling me and I nearly faint. She feels so good.


I feel myself losing track of time, Simmie and I creating our own world; just me, her and feelings.


My hands were under her shirt, just above the waistband of her old Levi's. Lightly scraping my fingers up and down her belly, hips and back, I feel her moan against my mouth, vibrating down my body to my core.


“Why do I keep walking in on you too?” I hear Niall say from behind us, smothered in amusement.


Simmie tries to run and she gets halfway before I drag her back to me, wrapping my arms around her so she's trapped. She finally relaxes enough to lean into me, her body fitting against mine perfectly.


Turning behind me, I see Niall letting Mollie slide off his shoulder and them share a secret grin. I raise my eyebrows and shot them a knowing smile before smirking a 'Shut up, man.' at Niall.



After gathering everything up, we leave their apartment for Niall and mine. The walk between the two blocks was soothing yet scary in the way that we lived so close together. Niall held Mollie's hand the whole way in front of us. I ask Simmie her plans for today and she says she needs to do the grocery shop and tidy the apartment, a scowl on her face. Her hand brushes mine as she walks and I gently entwine our fingers, smiling down at her. She smiles up at me and we walk in comfortable silence to our apartment.



In our apartment, Niall leads Mollie to his room. I lead Simmie to the sofa.

“Did you want anything?” I asked before sitting down.

“No, I'm fine thank you.” She replies cuddling into me.

“I don't suppose I could interest you into watching The Big Bang Theory box set with me.” he asks hopefully.

“Are you kidding me? That's one of my favourite shows.”

“I've got series three,” I say with a smile, we have so much in common! “It's my favourite.”

“Mine too!” She replies grinning up at me.


Getting up I grab the remote and turn the TV on, snuggling back down with her.

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