(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



16. That's a wrap

***Niall's POV***


I feel my eyes open slowly like wings on a butterfly as they adjust to their surroundings. The sunlight is blocked out by heavy white curtains with a black and gold design on them. The long length of them just brush the end of the ledge which is so low down that I'm guessing Mollie uses it as a window seat, judging by the expense of pillows on the window sill.


To the left I see another collection of guitars, but one takes my eye. It's the wooden electro-acoustic one in the corner. Moving on from that I can see a collage of photos, celebrating all the different stages in her life. Most of the pictures feature her and Simmie at different stages in their lives but always together.


Again I find a picture of that guy on the wall. I thought he was linked more with Simmie, judging by the way she reacted yesterday to the photo, so why does Mollie have a photo of him? Was I wrong? As I think about this, I take in the rest of the room; the cream walls with no marks on them what so ever, the dark wooden floor with a cream fluffy surface rug that looked really soft and white matching furniture.


It was tidy, everything put in it's place. I noticed a pile of fresh laundry on the chest of drawers and gathered Simmie was already up, judging by the shower running down the hall. She must've put them there this morning. Or last night. I wasn't really paying attention.


I told Mollie I'd sleep on the couch and she just shook her head, turned down the sheets. She grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee, leaving for the bathroom. She came back in a minute or two and I hadn't moved so she gave me a funny look. After pausing for a few moments, she yawned and climbed into bed. Taking her lead, I took my shoes and shirt off, unbuttoned my jeans and climbed in behind her. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back to my chest, spooning her body to mine. I fell asleep almost instantly. My last thought was how perfectly she fitted into the curve of my body.



Mollie was still asleep curled into the curve of my body. I could feel her peaceful slumber, her deep breathing signalling she was still asleep. Unwrapping my arms from around her petite yet firm form, I feel her scowl slightly and where her body heat used to be, I felt goosebumps. Stumbling quietly out her room, I can hear Zayn in the kitchen with Simmie. Leaving the love-birds to it, I lead myself to the bathroom.


Returning out the bathroom, I wander down to the kitchenette. And nearly run back to Mollie. Zayn and Simmie are locked in an embrace, her sitting on the counter leaning forward and Zayn in front of her. I can't see anything because a) Zayn's in the way and b) the breakfast bar's in the way. After a while, Zayn picks her up off the counter and puts her gently on the floor. I can see that she just touches his chin in height. I smile slightly as she relaxes into the sensation, not noticing me.


Zayn starts to lean down, asking for another kiss when I clear my throat.


They both spring apart suddenly, Simmie more than Zayn. She turns ninety degrees to put the kettle on again, acting like nothing happened. As the kettle whistles away, she puts two mugs she can see in the sink and gets four new ones out the cupboard. Zayn's looking at her every move, especially ones where she's stretching up. Her tee-shirt hugs her a bit more, outlining something on her back that has Zayn frowning deeply.


After asking me whether I want a cup of tea and me nodding back, she sets to work in making three cups of tea. Zayn, sensing her discomfort, the tension making the air thick, pushes off the breakfast bar next to her and stands behind her. He hesitates slightly before putting his hands over hers, where she's leaning forward. I can see her tense slightly, before once again sinking into the feelings. Zayn removes his hands from hers and runs them slowly up the skin if her inner forearm, past her elbow, leaving a wake of goosebumps. As he gets to her toned upper-arms, he takes his arms and wraps his arms around her waist, careful where he put his arms. I see her tense, waiting for some sort of pain but no one comes. Zayn buries is face into the crook of her neck as she sinks into the embrace for a few moments, closing her eyes. After a while, she remembers me and the now warm not boiling tea. She tries to take the teabags out the tea and pushes one in my direction, whislt being held by Zayn in a lover's embrace. She gestures to the fresh milk and the sugar pot, I help myself to some sugar and milk, watching them with one eye. Zayn's whispered something softly in her ear while nuzzling her neck. She smiles slightly and wraps her arms over his after a small debate in her mind. They link their hands together as she buries her face in his upper arm, him gently pecking her forehead in reassurance.

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