(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



97. Tennessee

***Niall's POV***


    "I'll get it!" I hear Simmie call from inside the house. 

    "Hi guys." She smiles breathlessly at us. Following her into the house, I see Zayn slink down the stairs, an intense frown on his face.

    “Um hey guys.” he nods to us before sitting down on the couch.

    “Molls, I’ll show you the nursery!” Simmie gushes quickly, dragging Mollie and Scar up the stairs. We watch them going up the stairs, the tension between him and Simmie dispersing.

    “Zayn,” I turn to see my best friend with his head in his hands, “whats wrong?”

    “I think Simmie’s hiding something from me.” he confides and I sit next to him. 

    “What do you mean? Like, she’s cheating on you?” I don’t know Simmie that well but something tells me she wouldn’t cheat on a man she married

    “I mean,” he pulls up to look at me, “she got a letter from Tennessee and she stuffed it away like it was a secret or something.”

    “Honestly,” God, I had no idea what to say. I mean, what can I say? “I don’t think it could be anything like she’s cheating on you.”

    “I know she lived out in Tennessee before so maybe it has something to do with her past?”

    “I guess.” he shrugs not believing me. A few moments go by as we both get sucked into our own thoughts. 

    “How are things between you and Molls then Nialler?” I grin at his question.

    “Better. Much better.” I wink and we both chuckle, knowing what that mean. “No, seriously, a lot better. We don’t bring it up but she lets me look after Scar and things so she does trust me now.”

    “That’s good, I’m glad. How did she take it about the girl?”

    “She um, took it with a pinch of salt I guess.” I really hate that memory, being forced to date a girl that wasn’t my angel. Just the thought of it made me feel nauseous.


Hearing Drew and Nikhil cry, I feel Zayn go on instant alert. Hearing Simmie pick them both up and the crying subside, he lets go of the breath he was holding. He starts to shake his leg and I know he only does that when he’s nervous. 

    “Zayn, I’m sure it’ll be okay. We can check on the babies if you want.” Zayn all but jumped and sprinted there and I struggled to hold in my chuckle. 



***Simmie’s POV***


Bringing Molls and the beautiful Scar into the nursery.
    “Wow, it looks so nice in here.” she strokes her hand over the cradles lovingly, “I still can’t believe you both made everything in here. Painted all the walls. Stitched the quilts.” I smile as the memories assault me; my dad and I making the cribs, my mum and I stitching the quilts, my in-laws helping us move it all in here. Feeling the tears again, I remember the days we painted the walls, him painting one side blue and me painting the other side pink. 

    “Um, Molls, I have a problem.” I start nervously.

    “What’s up?” she sits down in the nursing chair, cradling the sleeping Scar.

    “I, um, got a letter from Tennessee.”

    “Oh.” she says, biting her lip and looking down at Scar. “Is everything okay?”

    “Plane tickets.” I blurt out. “I have return tickets for the four of us for two days to check the ranch.”

    “So what’s the problem?” she asks, burping Scar.

    “Zayn doesn’t know about Tennessee.” I run my hands through my hair.

    “Oh.” she says simply. I hear my babies cry from our room.

    “Be right back.” jogging into my room, I pick up the twins and head into the nursery. They wail uncontrollably as I rock them back and forth, coaxing them to calm. Soon, their cries were little whimpers and I laid them down on their play mat.

    “Are you going to go?” She asks me and I really don’t know. I open my mouth to say just that as Zayn and Niall appear in the doorway.

    “Is she going where?” Zayn questions as Mollie and I look at each other. 

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