(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



13. Sleep tight

***Niall's POV***


I watch Zayn and Simmie at the bar, drinking and murmuring quietly to each other, too low for me to hear.


Turning my full focus back to Mollie, I can see the way her eyes dance around when she talking about something she really loves. I think she's talking about how she loves mild scary movies, she finds them funny. I'm not really paying attention to this (bad, I know) I'm just really captivated by her voice.

Her voice is so soft and innocent, like summer rain, overriding the ability to speak in my brain. I love the way she uses her hands to emphasise her point, using everything she's got to get her point across. Her smile lights up her whole face, and its bright enough to put Paris at night to shame. She could keep an audience captivated for hours. She certainly has me captivated.

I nod my head, formulating a sneaky plan.


Pointing over to the guitar in the corner, I ask her if its hers. She follows to where my finger's pointing, her eyes like a laser on my skin, burning a pattern where her intense eyes go. Finally resting on the guitar, she looks down shyly.


A beat skips and she doesn't answer. Wondering if I made a mistake, somehow crossing a line, her head nods. I can sense the battle she fought in her mind, deciding whether or not to admit it to me. An instant buzz of happiness rode through my body as she agreed to playing it to me. I watched her as she got up, taking in her long shapely legs and pert bum. The way she carried herself at home was confident but when she was out of the safety of her apartment, and away from Simmie, I could see the way she hid her body like she hated it. I don't know why she'd do that, she's perfect. Can't she see that?


Looking over to Zayn and Simmie again, I noticed that they're getting buzzed. I could see the sparks fly between them. I saw it at the café, when she walked over, Zayn followed her path and never took his eyes of her. I could tell the way she was trying to act indifferent to him. Now, she can't hide. I can her walls dropping around them.


Leaving them alone, Mollie returned to the sofa, sitting cross-legged beside me. I turned my body back in her direction, giving her my attention once again. Giving her a reassuring smile, I notice her biting her lip nervously before plucking the purple plectrum from the neck and replacing it with her fingers, pressing on the strings.


As she launches softly into the first chords of the song, I notice the way her long elegant fingers with neat clipped nails flew over the strings like a lover's caress. And when she started to sing, I felt like I’d met an angel. Her voice was like her. Perfect.


Catching on to the chorus quickly, I started harmonising with her before my brain lost the ability to work.


I was dumbstruck around her. She had everything I was looking for in a girl.


As she finished with a few finger picked chords, I applauded and grinned. She was absolutely amazing. How has she not got a record deal yet?


She blushes and smiles nervously before getting up and replacing the guitar back by the balcony door. I look by the TV and see a stack of DVD's by the table. As she returns, I can feel the tension settle between us again; the air filled with unsaid words we both wanted to say. Looking at where I was looking, she asked me softly, “Do you want to watch a film?” Nodding my head, she asks me to pick one. Scanning the pile once again, I notice a really gruesome and scary movie at the bottom of the pile. Reciting the name, she gets up and smiles. She walks over to the TV and changes the disc. Is that love actually she has there? As she pushes the disc gently in, she calls to Zayn and Simmie, asking them if they want to join us. They look at each other and nod in agreement, walking over together.


Mollie joins me again on the sofa as Zayn and Simmie sit side by side on the floor. It’s getting dark now and no one's bothered to turn the lights on it feels like a real film theatre. The opening credit roll out on the black screen as I rest my arm casually on the top of the sofa behind Mollie's head, getting ready to drag her close to me when the scary scenes start.




Near the middle of the film, I can see Mollie getting scared. I whisper in her ear, “scared?” she nods her head slightly. Gently pushing her shoulder with my hand, I pull her close to my chest. I feel her letting go and sinking into the sensation. A bang goes on screen and she suddenly speeds up, slamming her face into my chest. The smell of her skin assaults me. The smell of sweetness fills my nose, clouding my brain. Sensing she really doesn't like it, I reach for the remote and stop the film. She slowly removes her head from my chest and looks at me with tired eyes. I see her search the room, her eyes resting on Zayn and Simmie. Simmie feel asleep in the film, her body slowly falling onto Zayn's, her head on his shoulder. I can hear him snoring, and his arms is wrapped protectively over her waist, his fingers locked together. Her hand is resting on his shoulder,her face looking down. Her black lashes are like spider web’s over her cheekbones, like Zayn's, creating small shadows. Their legs are entwined on the floor.

“Niall, you can stay the night.” She whispers innocently in my ear, “I don’t want to wake them so it'll be easier to stay the night.”


finding it easier to agree, I nod my head and she gets off the sofa and walks behind me into what I guess is Simmie's room. She comes back with Simmie's duvet and wraps it around Zayn and Simmie, kissing Simmie on the cheek.


She turns to me and holds her hand out to me. Jumbling my fingers in hers, I get up off the sofa and walk with her to her room.

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