(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



39. Skype Slam

***Niall's POV***
Mollie takes me back to her apartment.
I stand there in her bathroom.
"Hey Angel." I say, towel drying my hair.
"Hey Nialler." She says nervously. I'm standing in my boxers, fresh out the shower. We're standing her bathroom, fogged from the shower.
"Can I use the shower now?" She asks sweetly.
"Sure" I say our eyes locking in the mirror.
"Can you undo the back of my dress please?"
There's a zipper running down her back. She holds up her hair for me. Running the tips of my fingers Orr the soft exposed skin of her neck, I feel goosebumps rise on her skin. Smiling, I run my fingers to the zipper. I tug the zipper down slowly, exposed inch by inch of her ivory back. She bending over slightly so the discs of her spine hand out slightly. I bend down slightly to kiss every disc exposed. The zipper line finishes. I stand up straight, walking my fingers back up her spine, counting the discs. Reaching her shoulders, I use both hands to walk them to the straps before pushing them off, revealing her white underwear, with a lace trim.

She looks like innocence.

She grabs a towel from the rack infront of her, trying to wrap it around her. Snatching the towel from her hands, she turns and frowns at me- my breath catches in this half sob half gasp. She's even more beautiful from the front. Her breasts are pushed up slightly yet hidden behind white cotton framed with lace.

Looking down her body, she has matching boy shorts on, riding low on her hips and high on her thighs. Still holding the towel, I walk to her. I drop the towel at her feet before carrying her to the shower bridal style.

As I turn on the water, she looks at me with hunger. Roping one arm about her lithe waist, I crush her to me, our legs entwining. Bringing her close enough to kiss, I put her under the shower head, water cascading over her. The steam rises up, filling the room, making it hazy, as if it was a dream. Closing her eyes, she lets the warm water coat her. Dipping her back slightly, I watch the water run down her body. She opens her eyes before running her hands up my damp belly to my neck and then to my hair. She pulls herself up whilst dragging my lips to hers. I grab the soap from to behind her on the shelf and begin to wash her back. Feeling her soft skin wet and covered in soap suds was too much for me. I drop the soap on the tray, it comically slipping from my hands before leaving her with one last kiss. I step out the shower and close the curtain, taking one last glimpse of her body like that to torture myself with. Her wet and willing in the shower, smelling like me could undo me.
Or worse.

Ruin me. And her innocence.


After a while, we decide to call Simmie again. Zayn had gone out so we were home alone. Booting up the laptop, Simmie picks up.

After they run through the pleasant small talk, Mollie goes for the jugular. 

"We need to talk about Zayn." she says with a hardened face. I can see she's not accepting anything but the truth now. Oh God. 

Simmie tries to brush it off but Mollie isn't moving. I sit thee with her, holding her hand under the desk. I find it amazing how she can say this, brave and confronting her best friend. They are more than best friends, they're more like sisters. Mollie's even going to the wedding tomorrow. She taking the train down and I think she's hinting at me to go with her. I'd take Zayn but....

I turn my he'd sharply at the sound of Zayn. I thought he'd left? He walks in wearing a suit, his tie done up perfectly in the darkest blue. 

"Hey Niall, can I please borrow your ca-" He shuts up the moment he sees the screen. His face pales as he sees her. he strains her name out before rushing over to her. She slams the lid shut and we all wince at the sound. Zayn murmurs something about being back in ten minutes before storming out to the bathroom, slamming doors behind him. 


Mollie and I look at each other as she nervously bites her nails. I pull her to me.


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