(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



11. Shot

***Simmie's POV*** “Hey, Zayn,” I say, taking another guzzle of beer for confidence. I'm not going to try and act ladylike. he's already runined my Friday night in. He can like it or lump it. “Shot?” “Um, sure.” he replies, nervously. I can tell he's out of his comfort zone. To my surprise, I found it quite cute but I wasn’t happy about thinking that. I can't help my mind. Getting a bottle from the back of the fridge, the salt from the counter behind me and a lemon wedge from the dish in front of me, I lay them on the counter, looking at him, urging him on. It's so cute how he's biting his full lower lip between his white even front teeth. It goes in slow motion as he drags it so seductively across his teeth. Oh god. This is going to end well. NOT. Chuckling softly, I smile and say softly, “Never done a body shot before?” He shakes his head is a small gesture but its big enough that I can see it. “Well,” I say, with new-found confidence in my voice, “lay out your wrist and put this in your mouth.” He hesitantly lays his forearm, palm up, against the cool counter top. I sprinkle salt in a line across his wrist horizontally and pass him a wedge, pushing slightly the rough outer skin against his soft and surprising pink lips. He opens his mouth slightly, making a trail of lemon juice dribble down his chin. He doesn't bother to wipe it away so I smile and wipe it away with my thumb faintly touching the soft stubble on his chin, his eyes focused on mine.  Leaning back, with a challenging half smile on my face, I grab the bottle sitting beside me on the counter top and pout two fingers into a shot glass. Taking one last chance to regret what i'm about to do, I lean down probably, giving him a nice view down my shirt.  Not that I care.  I lick the salt of his wrist in one clean movement, feeling it coat my tongue. I also taste faintly his salty skin, he's nervous. Wow. I did that to him, didn't I? Picking up the nearby shot glass, I downed the thing in one go, feeling the sharp burning sensation stinging a wake of destruction on my tongue and my throat until I felt a warm fire in my belly. Leaning forward again, with tears in my eyes, I grab the juicy wedge from his mouth, his lips whispering like a caress across my own. Sucking the juice from it and taking it cockily from my mouth, I turn and put it in the bin behind me saying with a smile, "that's a body shot." Turning back around to pour another glass, not trusting myself to look at him, I pull the stopper of the bottle. As I set the stopper down on the counter, Mollie's eyes burn into me before calling out to us,  "Guys, you wanna watch a film with us?" 

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