(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



34. Scary movies

***Niall's POV***

Waking up with Mollie in my arms, who could ask for more?

Her hair fanned out on the pillow, her face relaxed, dark brown lashes curling up, creating half-crescent shadows on her cheekbones. She had the duvet pulled up to her chin, her hands gripping it tightly over my chest. Gently lifting her off of me, I look around the room for the time. 10am. Finding very ounce of will power I had, I dragged myself from her bed. Putting my tee shirt back on and my hoodie, I button up my jeans before finding a pad of paper and a pen to scribble a note.

"Good morning Angel! Have a nice day at uni. If you're still free, pop around mine at eight and we can have takeout and watch horror films. Pack a bag and stay the night if you want :) Nialler xx"

Leaving the note on my pillow, I gently sneak out the apartment, getting ready for tonight.


I rent three different scary movies; sinister, the godfather and the orphanage. I also rent Love Actually because I remember seeing it in the player the first night at Mollie's. Walking into the kitchen, I grab ice cream and chocolate. Taking a few spoons out of the drawer, I knock the drawer shut before taking everything into my room. Changing into a pair of trackies and a white t-shirt, I walk out to get some Coke. 

Bumping into Zayn, I notice he's dressed up. 

"Going somewhere fancy, Zayn?" I ask, one eyebrow cocked as I take in his dress shoes, black trousers and blue button-down dress shirt (I check the kitchen clock behind me) five minutes until eight. Looking like a deer caught in headlights, he puts his hands in his pockets and looks sheepishly down at his shoes. Putting the Coke down on the counter, I cross my arms over my chest and lean back while I wait for a reply.

"Taking my girl out." He says scratching the back of his head, nervous he got caught as he gets his phone, keys and wallet.

"Simmie?" I ask, happy he's taking her out.

"No," he says, I uncross my arms and frown at him. He saunters rapidly to the door before saying, "Perrie." Wincing at me, he runs out the door, slamming it closed. I was going to run after him but the door is knocked on timidly by the time I have shoes on. Sighing, I open the door. To Mollie.

Instantly smiling down at her, I pick her up bridal style to my room, kissing her forehead in hello before she snuggles into my chest.


Once in my room, I drop her on my bed gently. Taking her bag, I put it by the door. Returning to the bed, I kick off my shoes and slip of her ballet pumps, putting them by her bag and my own shoes. Looking at her on my bed again, I commit her to memory. Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail haphazardly done. Her makeup's come off in the day but her eye makeup remains, complimenting her fresh-faced glow. Her tee fits her perfectly and it's risen slightly on the bed, revealing a thin band of creamy ivory skin above her shorts. Her endless legs are bent at the knee, the sides of her legs pressed flat on the bed. Her toes are painted a brazen red, matching her lips. Oh God, I gulp. Smiling down at her, I kiss her nose. Pulling up, she bits her lip at me and nearly give in to kiss her senseless. 

Getting her to choose the film, I press play and get down to some serious cuddling on my bed. 


By the time Sinister's finished, we're both yawning. Checking her phone, we both see it's one am. She has a message from Simmie sent at half-past five. She got caught up at work and wouldn't be home until late. Mollie pushes herself up, my arms slipping off her waist as she rolls over. Walking to the door, she bends gracefully to pick up her bag, her bum tilted up, giving me a view for a few moments. Gesturing to the bathroom to my left, she nods and smiles at me before going there to get dressed. I pick up the empty ice cream tubs, spoons and empty chocolate wrappers and put them into the kitchen; the spoons going in the dishwasher and the empty tubs/wrappers in the bin. Coming back into my room, I strip down myself, turn the TV off and crawl into bed with the lamp still on.

Mollie crawls in after me and I draw her to me in my semi-conscious state, she chuckles before kissing my cheek and whispering 'goodnight' in my ear. Turning the lamps out, she wriggles against me to get comfortable, I nuzzle her neck in response before we settle down for the night.


We get up at ten am. 

I check on Zayn and he isn't in his room. Coming into the kitchen, I grab Mollie's bag and her hand and walk her to the local diner for breakfast; blueberry and chocolate pancakes. 


After a wonderful breakfast, I walk her to her apartment. Unlocking the door, she brushes into her apartment, me trailing behind her. She drops her bag on the sofa before reading a note written on the coffee table. 

"Simmie's gone for a week?" She tells me, question in her voice and her face.

I shrug my shoulders and walk towards her. We both look down and see the latest OK! on the coffee table. Glancing over the cover, I see a picture of Zayn and Perrie on the cover. I flick my gaze to Mollie, both curious and nervous to her reaction but she's on the other side of the room, on the phone to Simmie.



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