(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



12. Scared



**Molls POV***


I look at Niall as I fiddle with my nails. He looked uncomfortable.
"Is that yours?" He asks, his accent tiggling his words. Concentrate, Molls. I look where he points to my guitar leaning against the glass door to the balcony. The lights of London illuminate the dark night; twinkling like stars. 
"Yep," I nod and grin proudly. 
"Do you play?" He asks and I nod. He was the one who inspired me to learn.
"Play for me," Niall instructs and I bite my lip. I cast a glance over at Simmie and Zayn who were now doing body shots off one another.
"Sure," I stand up and walk nervously over to my guitar. I always got anxious about performing. I would much rather sing and play for myself. I take a seat on the sofa again; cradling the guitar into my chest. It fitted me like a glove. I breath in before finding the oh so familiar chords on the neck. I begin to strum a song I had written and he smiles widely at me. I start to sing; hesitant at first. After a while, he picks up the tune and lyrics of the chorus, beginning to harmonies with me. Before long, it's just me, Niall and my guitar in the room. I had zoned out; focusing only on the chords and his blue eyes. Once we finish, I return to being shy and place the guitar back where it was. Niall claps, his eyes beaming.
"Thank you," I say, looking down with red cheeks. 
"Do you want to watch a film?" I ask him, noticing the silence that had built up again. To be honest, I was terrified. So many questions pounded through my mind; why was he here? Why did he care? Why was he here, with me? 
"Sure," He says and I gesture at the large stacks of DVDs next to the television. He gets up and squats on the floor, looking through them.
"Hey!"  I call out to Simmie and Zayn as they down another shot.
"Do you want to watch a film with us?" I ask and Simran nods, grinning lopsidely. Oh god. She was getting drunk with Zayn.
"Sure," Zayn slurs, coming over to me. He plops down on the sofa beside me and Simmie sits beside him. Niall decides on possibly the scariest film that we own and places it into the tv. I try to act normal, like I didn't care. But I honestly hated jumpy films. Especially this one. 
Note to self: Remember to bin it. 
Niall walks over and switches the light off, the apartment becoming dark. I snuggle my hands into my over-sized jumper and pull my feet to my chest. I cower in the corner of the sofa, hiding behind my hands as the film starts. Niall sits beside me and I can smell his strong musty scent. He smelt like the ocean. I close my eyes as screams and bangs fill the air from the film. 
"Scared?" Niall whispers, his breath hot on my ear. I nod slightly and close my eyes. He chuckles slightly and I lift my head up to glare at him; quickly burying it again as I catch sight of a woman being slaughtered with a knife. Charming. I look over at Simmie, who is currently on the verge of falling asleep. I nudge Niall's leg softly with my foot and he looks at me. I nod at Simmie and Zayn and he follows my gaze. He chuckles again and we watch as Simmie's head slowly falls onto Zayn's shoulder. Her eyes are closed and so are his; a soft snore erupting from his lips. I laugh with Niall and then scream as something makes me jump on the film.
"Oh my god," I place a hand on my heart, feeling it race. 
"Here," He holds out his arm and I bite my lip, hesitating. I slowly lower myself and lay my head onto his chest. He places his arm on my back and slowly rubs his hand up and down; comforting me. I close my eyes and breath in his scent. 

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