(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



87. Proud

***Simmie POV***

“Simmie.” Zayn bundles in the waiting room.
“Hi honey.” I say before pulling him close for a much needed hug. I can smell the rain on us both, over the smell if fear and anxiety soaked into my clothes.
"Mum and Dad have the twins, don't worry."
“They won’t let me in to see her while she’s in labour because I'm not family, regardless of how much she pleaded.” I say by way of explanation.
“Sh, its okay, Niall’s there." he says, running his hands up and down my back.
“I know, I know, but I’m scared honey." I confess into his chest. He doesn’t say anything but he kisses the top of my head as I grip his shirt tightly in clenched fists, my knuckles going white.
“Baby, I need to tell you what happened. The girl and Nialler. Basically, honey,” he starts, whispering softly into my hair. He’s trying to take my mind away from Mollie and make things easier, so I won’t be mad at Niall. “We met a fan out there, a crazy crazy fan. She loved Niall and threatened to kill Mollie if Niall didn’t go out on a date with her. Niall did but he tried to hide it. I’m so sorry and I know he won’t tell her that, he doesn’t want to scare her.” he pulls back slightly and begins to rub my shoulders and down my arms, where under my jumper a wave of goosebumps have broken out.
Looking up at him, I see the pain and worry radiating from his eyes as well as love. Sighing, I realise there is no easy way for this.
“Excuse me, Mr and Mrs Malik?” A small nurse says from behind Zayn.
“Yes?” I reply, curving my body around to see her dressed in a standard white coat.
“You can go and see your god child.”
Racing down the hall, I hear Zayn gracefully thank the nurse as nervous excitement sings through me before he comes up behind me and into Mollie’s room.
“Mrs Malik.” The doctor says before I open the door.
“Can I speak with you?” the doctor says nervously, fiddling with the clip on his clipboard.
“Is everything okay doctor?” Zayn says from behind me.
“Mollie had a problem, the baby fell asleep during the birth so we had to numb from the waist down. She’s staying the night with her husband. She’s very tired so I must ask you to keep it quick.”
“Yes thank you doctor.” I say before pushing the door open and seeing my best friend laid flat with a bundle on her chest.
"Hi stranger." I whisper to mollie. Mollie laid back in the bed, Niall looking on like the proud father he is. Sighing, I walk gingerly to her. 
"Hey yourself." She whispers weakly back. It's four in the morning now but Niall couldn't care less. Carefully he scoops up the bundle of flesh off Mollie's chest. 
"Guys, this is Scarlett." 
Niall hands me a the bundle wrapped tightly in a pink blanket. Cradling the baby close to my chest, I'm drawn back to the moment where I held my baby for the first time. Rocking the bundle slightly, I see her fingers poke out slightly, beginning to softly grip the blanket. Feeling a tear in my eye, I pass her to Zayn. 
Stumbling back home at seven in the morning, we enter as quietly as we can, Zayn closing the door softly behind me. 
My parents-in-law had taken the twins to their house for a few days, according to Zayn. Stifling a yawn, I trudge up the stairs, Zayn climbing up behind me. Ripping my hoodie off me, I throw it across the room, hearing something slide off behind me. Not caring, I shrug off my jeans and shoes before falling in bed, Zayn tucking me in and crawling in behind me.

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