(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



35. Pancakes and Bacon/Empty Bottles

***Simmie's POV***

I walk to work, reminiscing in this morning.

Zayn was cooking bacon he found from the freezer. Standing over the cooker shirtless, with unbuttoned jeans and barefoot, was almost enough to make me skip work. Grabbing two mugs, I prepare them for tea. Once the kettle's boiled and the tea's brewed, I get the plates out from the cupboard and the cutlery from the drawer, knocking it closed with my hip. Turning around, I lean back on the counter. Taking the bacon off the cooker, he puts them onto a plate, next to the pancakes I didn't see. Pancakes and bacon? I feel like a princess all over again.

He turns to me and smiles 'good morning' at me, his eyes glinting in the sunlight. Smiling back, he walks over to me, carrying a dish in each hand. Placing them next to me on the counter; I turn to eat them  but Zayn grips my wrist softly, his fingers encasing my wrist. I look over my shoulder at him and he turns me around to face him again, his hands pressing into my hips. He lifts me up slightly to put me on the counter, my legs opening slightly. He pushes forward so he can look at me, eye to eye. Holding up a piece of bacon, I gather that he wants to feed me. Opening my mouth, he feeds me a crunchy rasher. Throwing my head, I moan as I taste it, relishing in it. Picking up a rasher, I wrap it in a pancake and offer it to him. He opens his mouth and accpets a third. Grabbing a plate, I hold it between us before latching onto my third and tearing it off at the same time, the middle falling onto the plate. Putting the plate down, I lean back on my hands, chewing on the moist creamy pancakes, constrating with the salty bacon. Noticing the time, I panic, dragging myself from this world. Gulping my tea, I push myself off the counter before running to the bathroom to brush my teeth. 


Coming back to the kitchenette, I hug him before kissing his cheek, whispering 'thank you'. Pulling back, I smile 'for everything' at him before kissing him goodbye; bouncing a quick peck off his butter-coated lips. 


Coming home, I stroll past the newsagents. Deciding for a few moments, I grab a copy of the Times and noticing the new copy of OK! I see a picture of Zayn on the front. Drawing closer, I see him with Perrie on the cover. Picking up a copy, I go and pay before walking up to my apartment.


Once in my apartment, I strip out of my work clothes and opt for trusty cutoffs (which I don't button up) and an old tee. I open the window above my window seat before going into the kitchen. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, I spot two notes on the fridge, hung by two magnets. One's from Zayn and the other's from Mollie.

"I'll pick you up at six-thirty, have a nice day princess and wear a dress ;) Z x"

"Hey Simmie, Niall's taking me out and Zayn's taking you out so I'll see you when I get back, Biscuit xoxoxo"

Smiling at Molls' 'Biscuit xoxoxo' I take the notes of the fridge before putting them in the bin. Grabbing a beer and noticing the time, half-past four, I walk into my room and sit on the window seat. Flipping through the magazine, I flick back a few pages to the double-page spread.

Zayn. And Perrie.

It's there in full glossy images. His arms around her, holding her hand, kissing her, walking home with her. Looking at one of the pictures, I see him in my trackies and my old tee. The one's I gave him when he stayed the night. His hair's messed up like he's been rolling around in a bed. Bed-hair. He's walking back from Perrie's hotel. I can see her pinky hair behind him waving at him. 

I know they're using it as a publicity stunt but surely, that isn't for the fans; that's them being them. Acting in a relationship. I know they need to make it look real and this does look real. Too real. He's kissing her, his hands all over her. He's walking out of her hotel and she- SHE'S WALKING OUT OF HIS APARTMENT IN YESTERDAY'S CLOTHES AND BED HAIR. Checking the date, I see it was last night's. The night I spent around his. I let a tear drop before I furiously wipe it away, mad at myself for crying over him.

Holding the tears back, I look at the date. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Tearing the pages out, I close the magazine. Shoving the torn pages under my pillow, I take my beer and the rest of the magazine out of my room. Putting my beer and the magazine on the coffee table in the sitting room (I'll leave it for Molls, she likes that magazine anyway), I shut my room window and grab my laptop. Figuring out Mollie will ask about the ripped out pages, I put the pages back in their place. Deciding to do the housework tomorrow with Molls (if she's around) I take my beer and walk out onto the balcony. 

Pulling out my phone, I text Molls and Zayn, saying I'm held up at work and that I hope they have a nice evening before throwing my phone onto the sofa. Fighting back tears, I put my beer on the the other sunbed, I get my ukulele before sitting out there, drinking, playing and singing until I'm numb in the night.


I walk back into my room at midnight. Locking up the apartment and putting my empty beer bottle in the recycling bin, I check my phone for Molls' whereabouts. She's told me she's staying around Niall's and hopes I had a nice day. Lying that I did and wishing her goodnight, I scroll down to Zayn's reply.

"Sorry to hear that baby, I'll pop over with Mollie and Niall tomorrow. Hope you had a nice day!xoxoxoxox"

I shake my head, not bothering with a reply and put my phone on charge in my room. Walking into the living room, I boot up my laptop. Finishing up my work, I check my emails. An email from my brother Ethan pops up. He wants me to come back for our cousin Nick's wedding to Rani next weekend. 

Smiling at this, remembering their engagement party, I reply that I'll come home. Rani and Nick make a good couple so I'm looking forward to their wedding. Shutting my laptop down, I go into my room and get out my saris ready for it. Pulling out my suitcase, I leave it on the floor before falling into bed at two am.


Getting up at six am, I have an idea.

I email my boss, asking for a week of holiday because of the wedding (Sikh weddings take a week, at least). She says that's fine and I pack for a week, including three saris and jeans. 

Packed in ten minutes, I leave Mollie a note:

"Biscuit, I'm okay, just gone out of town for a week. I haven't cleaned the apartment or done the shopping (sorry). If you need me, call me. Simmie :) xoxoxoxoxo"

Taking my keys, I check for my oyster card, phone and charger in my bag before taking my suitcase and leaving the apartment at half-past six on a Saturday morning for an hour train-ride home.

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