(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



61. Me Next

***Niall's POV***

Chill Zayn.” I say to Zayn in the back of the car, He's frantically pulling at his cuffs.

How can I be chill? I'm getting married!” he practically screams next to me.

And how does that feel?” I ask, hoping to get a straight answer from him.

Amazing but scary. Strange but right. Like leaving home and coming home at the same time. I don't know.” He says, smiling at me.


Fixing his bow tie as the car pulls up to the curb, Zayn all but throws himself out the car. Chuckling, I follow suit, bounding up the stairs with him.


How is she?” Zan asks mollie, who's just come from Simmie.

She's fine,” she says with a grin, “her mama's just giving her the speech.” We all chuckle, diffusing some of Zayn's tension.

She did my whole getup before she got ready herself. She was just zipping her dress up when I left.” Gesturing to her purple floor length gown.


She's coming in!” Ethan shouts as the doors open to reveal the blushing bride.



Arriving at the hall, we all take our places as Zayn and Simmie walk in to the head table at the top of the dance floor. Zayn pulls her chair out and makes sure she's settled first before he sits down himself. Their parents and inlaws sit on their respective sides as the disc jockey anncounces the speeches.


Mollie's first and then it's me. Oh god, I gulp. I'm so nervous.


I take in the hall, people dressed up as they take their seats. The music is blaring through the speakers and red streamers are woven everywhere. The room was a sweet abundance of red, white and black; a timeless effect that suited them both.


That would be me and Mollie one day. Soon.


Looking over at her next to me, I see her deep in conversion with Ethan and his girlfirend Kaley. They're a sweet couple. Mollie's got this glow of happiness and peace around her; its like a drug. I can't help but be happy with her. Her hair's been piled up in curls by Simmie with her make-up looking inncoent and sutble. Her deep purple sari meant she was for passion or poison but tonight she was both.


Looking over at Simmie and Zayn, I can see the love radiating from both of them, as they look at each other and then at their new familes. An endless stream of people have come up to congraulate them and have a photo with them.


Simmie's dress had changed for a saree, a red one Zayn's family brought for the tradition. She was so happy.


The DJ calls Mollie's name and she stands, giving me a breif smile as I smile back.


The speeches had finished and everyone loved them.


After Mollie's speech, Simmie came up and hugged her for a few moments and they wiped each others eyes. After mine, Zayn came out and we slapped backs before we hugged. Mollie and I chose the song for their first dance and we chose 'nothing else matters' by Metallica. It suits them perfectly and it's one of Simmie's favourite songs.


As they twirl around the dance floor, Zayn whispers the words into her ear, secretly serenading her. Simmie winks at Mollie near the end as 'Kiss me' by Ed Sheeran came on. Our song.


Mollie grasps my hand as we both get up on to the dance floor, and I begin to twirl around the floor. Zayn nudges me and Simmie smiles at us both. Zayn kisses Simmies and I dip Mollie back before placing a peck against her lips.


The song fades out as the crowd stands and wipe their eyes while they applaud. We all take our seats as the starters are being served.


It's two in the morning the party's just breaking up. Zayn and Simmie cut the chcolate cake and fed it to each other. Zayn smudged icing on her nose and she screwed up her face in the way that he finds unbelievably cute. He kisses her after the cake and a few wolf whistles are heard. Simmie flushes bright red before she turns and throws the bouquet to the bundle of girls beind her. She giggles slightly as she sees who caught it before rushing to hug her. I'm standing near so I hear something about 'going with Zayn to do the garter ceremony.' I have no idea what that is.


I take Mollie up to our room on the top floor after Simmie's thrown the bouquet and Mollie caught it. And is still holding it now.


Zayn and Simmie went up before us. I heard a lot of squealing from their room.


Guess they're doing the garter ceremony.

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