(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



22. Magic Word

***Mollies POV***

I clench my towel tighter to me even though I was dressed underneath. I watch as his eyes roam over my body and he crosses his ankles.
The. Niall. Horan.
In my room.
Oh my god.
Simmie bursts into the room so I rush over to her and crush myself to my bestfriend.


After Simmie's left Niall starts to talk.
"I'm sorry if I scared you," he says sweetly with a raised eyebrow. I shake my head and bite my lip.
"It's fine, I'm sorry for erm..." I try to think of a word that will describe what I did.
"Freaking out." He chuckles deeply and the sound washes over me. I spot the twinkle that forms in his blue eyes and I try not to blush at the sight.
I stand up slowly from the end of the bed and head over to the cabinet. I pull open the top drawer and take my makeup from the small purple bag. I begin to slick it on and I smile at Niall in the reflection of my mirror. He was still lying on my bed; ankles and arms crossed. My heart speeds up slightly at the sight of his biceps flexing as he tucks his hands underneath his armpits. He watches me with a amused expression and I realise I had been staring.
Well, I am a girl...
I shake my head slightly at him with an impish grin and begin to brush my tangled hair. Niall stands up from the bed and calmly walks over to me. I meet his eyes in the mirror as he mischievously stands behind me. I watch as his fingers reach for my shoulder and his thumb traces along the bare skin visible above my jumper; leaving tingles from his touch. When I think he's about to kiss me, he snatches the hair brush from my hands.
"Niall!" I say as he dashes off to the other side of the room. He jumps onto the bed and waves it around in the air.
"Come and get it, angel." He winks and my hairs rise at the nickname.
"Give it back," I plead, turning around.
"What's the magic word?" He teases. I roll my eyes and stand up from the floor.
"Please," I say, batting my eyelashes.
"Wrong word," he winks and spins the hairbrush around in his hands as he walks around the bed.
"Please can I have it back?" I reach the bed and slowly climb up. I meet his eyes and he grins.
"Sorry, angel." He whispers and I frown slightly.
"What for?" I breath.
"This," he replies before he drops the hairbrush, bends down slightly and hooks a strong arm around my legs. He throws me over his shoulder so that my bum is practically in his face.
"Niall!" I squeal, hitting him in the bum. He just laughs and jumps of off the bed and opens the bedroom door.

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