(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



64. Like in the Movies

***Simmie's POV***

I wake up to find Zayn out of bed and the smell of bacon wafting up the room.


Smiling, I drag myself out of bed to shower and get ready.


Getting down the stairs, I see Zayn eating on the couch, his plate cradled in his lap as he wolfs it down.


“You know we have a kitchen table, right?” I say, leaning against the door-fame leading to the kitchen, glancing at the table with a smile,

“Yeah. Good morning to you too.” He says around his food. Shaking my head, I walk into the kitchen and pick the plate up with pancakes on it and the crispy rashers on bacon. The cutlery and maple syrup are on the coffee table with the butter.


Staring at the kitchen table, I decide to join Zayn on the couch. I go to sit next to him, bending to put my plate on the coffee table, presenting my rear to him.




I shoot straight up and he nips it through my jeans, Shooting him a glare, he smiles his cheeky smile at me before pulling me down on to his lap. Wriggling around to get comfortable, he groans and I smile at his strained face. He gives me a pained glance as he reaches for my plate. Squirting maple syrup on them, he cuts them up and feeds them to me, with perfectly cooked bacon. Groaning, I throw back my head and he gently kisses my neck.


After we've finished breakfast and washed up, he goes up to shower as I wash the dishes. Looking out the window, I see our back yard. I can imagine our babies running around on the porch. Drying my hands, I walk up to our room to grab my phone and go out to see Mollie. I haven't seen her in two weeks and she has something important to tell me.


I walk up to see Zayn doing push-ups off the end of our bed. He's changed the covers and they're screwed up and tossed in the wash basket. He's got his eyes closed and I take a moment to look at my husband. God, I love saying he's my husband.


He's doing push-ups in his boxers and I can see his muscles tensing as he does them. '50, 51,52...' he's counting with his eyes shut, sweat beginning to form on his body, making it glisten. His eyes are closed and his face is screwed up in concentration as he does this.


Silently, I make my over to him and lay on my back, my head in line with his. His mind is blocking out everything because he hasn’t seen or made any gesture that he's heard me. Smiling, I watch his face come closer to mine before I kiss him and whisper 'sixty' against his lips.


He moans into my mouth and I feel it vibrate through me, his hands grip the carpet either side of my hand and my fingers thread through his hair as he kisses me harshly, his lips dancing with mine.


Finally pulling away, he smiles down at me and I bite my numb lips. I see his bruised lips and I feel heat rise in my cheeks. He carries on doing push-ups and I kiss his face every time he comes down. We get to seventy before I hear the shrill of my phone slicing through the silence.



Zayn, why are you standing in the pouring rain?”

I'm standing on the back patio of our new house. Mollie cancelled on me tonight, claiming she had her thesis to do. I'm worried about her now, she didn’t seem right on the phone. She sounded panicked, as though something was wrong and she was scared. She does this all the time; if some thing’s wrong, she'll say something and then change it. I'll pop around tomorrow. She's been like this since she's been married. I'm so anxious about her right now.


We've been married for all of a week, living in our new house for close to a month now. I'd just finished washing up the dishes from dinner.


I remember moving out. Niall brought our apartment from Mollie, a little thing that they keep on rent. They'll keep it so the guys can stay there when their around. I'll guess that Louis'll use it when he's visiting Sienna. Or, you know, when he doesn’t want to stay in her apartment. It took me longer to move out than Mollie; Mollie was out within a few hours but Zayn was settling up the final house details and when he did grace me with his help, he stopped every two minutes, finding an excuse to touch me.


In between all the kisses, of course.


My face heats up as I'm dragged from reminiscing.


“Come out here.” He says, looking up to the sky from the centre of our garden. I walk out towards him, cowering in my-his-hoodie. My three month pregnant belly was sticking out and I struggled to drag the hoodie tighter.


Standing next to Zayn, I shiver slightly. I look up at the sky, trying to see what he's looking for. Failing, a frown creases my brow as I turn to look at him, making sure to see I was looking in the same place. I look back at rain streaked face to see him looking at me. Shooting a look that said 'what?', he wraps his arms around me before brushing my lips with his. My hands thread into his hair as I pull him down for a proper kiss. Like in the movies.


His arms wind tighter around me as he lifts me against him, my feet clear off the ground. When he finally releases me, I feel like my knees won't hold me. Talk about being weak-kneed. He smiles down at me as I smile sheepishly up at him. He wraps one arm around my back and the other slips low, pushing the back of my knees so I buckle. As I buckle, he swings me up into his house before trudging through the house up to our room.



Shutting the door behind him, I slither down from his body, sure my legs would hold me.


He starts to take his soaked sweats off and his tee shirt before chucking them into the wash basket. I stand there memorised by his body in boxers slung low over his hips. The flipping off the covers brings me back to the present as I start to take off my hoodie and jeans as he crawls into the bed, trying to warm himself up again. Stripping down to my underwear, which was surprisingly dry, I crawl him beside him, listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the window pane.

Snuggling deeper into the duvet, I bring it up to my nose, inhaling Zayn and me on the sheets. Looking at him, I see his hair starting to dry, the messy mass still damp over his eyes. He brushes it back before snuggling deeper into the bed and closer to me


Using the hand behind him, he grabs a spare fluffy pillow. He taps it gently to my face before pulling it back, going up on his knees. Getting up, I get my pillow and whack him in the belly before laughing. He taps me on the hair with it, both of us on our knees. I hit him back before dissolving into a puddle of giggles on the bed, falling back so I was on back. He straddles me, his knees falling either side of my knees. He stoops low to kiss my navel before laying his cheek against it, trying to listen to the baby. Tears burn in my eyes as I see him close his eyes and smile. After a few moments, he kisses my belly once more before climbing up my body, peppering my body with hot open mouth kisses, spending more time on my neck and collar bone, branding me.


“I never thought I'd find a husband like you.” I whisper at him, my hand cradling his cheek, moving its way into his hair.


He wraps his arm around me before dragging me to him, our bodies fitting perfectly, his face sinking into my neck and his body laying next to mine so he doesn't crush the baby.


“I'd never thought I'd have a wife like you.” He says into my hair.

“I know what to name our kids.” he carries on. “Drew for a girl and Nikhil for a boy.” He says nuzzling into me.

“I hope we have a daughter, you know. The world needs another beautiful woman like you. I want a son to play football with and raise. He'll be protective like me and you.”


Pulling back, I look into his eyes, tears and love radiating from them. Feeling my own spill, he kisses them away before I rest a hand on his cheek.


“I want twins too. I'd name them Drew and Nikhil. We'd have a babies with your hair and eyes. A little boy just like you; one who'll grow up to be kind and caring. A little girl who you'll spoil.” I say nuzzling into his chest. My arm winds over his belly as he reaches down to playfully nip at my earlobe. Peppering my jaw with kisses, he steals one from my lips, coaxing all the love and trust I have for him out of me. Pulling back, I smile up at him as he kisses my nose. I scrunch up my face and he smiles his heart-stopping smile. We snuggled deeper into the duvet pulling it up over our heads like we're five years old again, trying to hide.


We spent hours talking, enough for the room to dim slowly into darkness as we slowly made our ways back into sleep; sleeping with our legs entwined and our bodies wrapped around each other under the duvet.

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