(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



6. Just a boy



***Mollie's POV***



I look down at the piece of paper that Zayn handed me with the money.
"Simmie," I breath in awe.
"Hmm?" She looks up, spotting the paper.
"What's that?" She asks; taking it from my fingers. I grin as her dark eyes scan over the writing. In sloppy handwriting, Zayn had written his phone number and beneath it;
For your friend X
I watch as a ghost of a smile appears on her lips before she rolls her eyes and slips it into her back pocket.
"Simmie!" I exclaim, waving my hands about. 
"What?" She asks, looking at me. I spot the boys standing up and heading out of the shop so I give them a smile and Niall gives me a small wave. I stare in disbelief as they exit the shop. 
"Zayn Malik just gave you his phone number! Like the Zayn Malik!" I practially shout at her. The shop was empty and I got off my shift in precisley thirty seconds so I start to take my apron off.
"Sweetie, he's just a boy." She tells me, standing up and placing her hand bag on her shoulder.
"Just a boy," I imitate her in a high-pitched voice. She chuckles and we hook arms as I grab my bag and shout goodbye to June. We head out of the shop and onto the busy streets of London. 
"Did you see Niall though?" I breath, fanning myself with a hand; shooting her a wink. She chuckles. 
"Anyway, Sweetie. I have to go back to work now, eurgh." She rolls her eyes and groans. I laugh and kiss her on the cheek before we say goodbye. I watch as she walks off so I head home. Me and Simrmie shared a small but comfortable modern flat in one of many apartment blocks in central London. I loved it; it was a five minute walk from where we both worked and from Oxford too. I get home and turn the key in the door; pushing it open. I drop my bag on the floor and head into my room. I take off my work clothes and pull on some comfy sweats then grab my guitar and head out to the balcony. I fix my cappo into place and begin to strum. As I sing, I think about Niall and how surreal it was that I'd met him. 
Actually met him!
The Niall Horan.
I was still in shock over it all really. I knew Simmie thought I was a stupid little girl with a crush but it felt like more than that to me. I look out at London below me and the crowds of people milling about the streets. I sigh and head inside, placing my guitar down and flopping on to the sofa. I spend the rest of the day watching tv and doing the odd bit of studying when I could be bothered. Finally, Simran walks in calling;
"I'm back!" She closes the door and the crinkling of plastic bags fills the room.
"And I bring food!" She chuckles, waving three bags in the air. I clap my hands and beam, shoving my books to the side as she makes her way over to the sofa. We sit for hours talking about nonsense and snacking on junk food before I spot her texting someone on her phone.
"Who's that?" I ask, placing a piece of chocolate into my mouth.
"No one," She shakes her head, but I see the smile on her lips.
"Show me," I demand, holding my hand out.
"No," She clutches the phone to her chest so I narrow my eyes before tackling her. I manage to grab her phone and I unlock the screen. 
"Molls," Simran stands from the sofa so I rush to the other side of the room; a warning on her face. I laugh and ignore her as I begin to scroll through her messages. 





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