(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



47. Is there anything left to say?

***Niall's POV***

Picking her up from uni, I see her huddling under her umbrella. Stupid British weather, I think to myself. Unlocking the door, Mollie clambers in, shaking her brolly before putting by her feet.
"Afternoon," I say drawling it out in a strong Irish accent because I know she loves it. She smiles at me. I see the amount of books piled high on her lap. Rising an eyebrow, I say I comment on them. She shrugs it off, I know some thing’s bothering her. I start to car to drive her to work.
In the silence she says "I spoke to Zayn." Glancing out the corner of my eye, she had her brand tiptoed back and her eyes shut. She looked so tired. "Oh?" I say curtly. What else could I say?
Her eyes fly open, anger simmering beneath the surface. "That's all you have to say?" She asks me. He broke Simmie, I know he did. I've seen it.
Mollie takes a deep breath.
"I'm sorry for flying of the handle, it's just...I'm worried and stressed." She murmurs something I don't quite catch but t sounds like 'its like she not there any more, she's a shell again.' Taking her head, I brush my lips against her knuckle. "I know angel." I say. I don't know how to put all of this-these emotions-into words by I'll be there for her. Forever.

Driving her to Costa, I tell her I'll pick her up at six, in three hours. Driving home, I sigh and almost pray Zayn isn't home.

I barely shut the door when I hear Zayn.
"Have you seen her? Is she home? Is she okay? Does she miss me? Will she see me? Did she ask about me?" He bombards me as I take the key out the lock. "Did I hurt her more than I think?" He adds quietly, almost like a guilty thought he didn't want to say but slipped out.

Sighing, I brush past him, "No Zayn I haven't seen her. I saw Mollie and she was pretty pissed." At least Zayn as the decency to look at the floor and run his fingers through his hair. He looks horrible; his hairs a mess and he hasn't shaven in three days. "Zayn." I say, taking pity in him, "go shower and change. I'm seeing Mollie tonight, maybe she'll." I sigh, "maybe she'll see you." Smiling like a boy on Christmas morning, he all-but runs into the bathroom. I sigh again before putting the kettle on.

The rain hasn't let up all day.

Sitting outside Costa in my car, I see Mollie walk out the door. She spots my car and her pace quickens. Climbing into the car she smiles at me, the books returning on her lap and the umbrella sticking out her bag. Smiling, I kiss her cheek before driving her to mine.

After dinner, I drop her home. I told Zayn to stay in his room and that I'd come back for him.

Mollie and I cooked dinner together, chilli con carne and shared some red wine. It was actually pretty delicious. She had some work to do in preparation for tomorrow so I drove her home. I walked her to her apartment where I pressed her against the wall and kisses her senseless. Her lips were swollen and bruised, red with my kisses. She leaves the door open and I enter slightly. She passes me a hoodie. She explains its Zayn's. She found it in Simmie's room.

Taking it, I understand why she did that. I made sure she was inside before I walked back to my car.

I got in the door and Zayn was here pacing. He looked better; he had shaved and combed his hair. "We'll go in a bit." I tell him before going into my room. I don't think he heard me and I don't care.

Going to Mollie's apartment wasn't fun. Zayn was fidgeting the whole way. I had his hoodie in the back seat. When Simmie opened the door, I gathered she hadn't seen Zayn because she was still smiling. Mollie comes up and gives me a hug, whispering something too quiet for me to hear. I ask her if Simmie knows and she cuts me off hastily.


Simmie sighs and catches onto us, nipping it in the bud. Can't really beat around the bush with her, can you? She walks off to her room, both of them not seeing Zayn behind me. Mollie pulls her back, admitting to knowing about her and her ex. Simmie shrugs it off before walking away again. I can tell she's had it. I feel Zayn's breath against my neck as he takes a deep breath.

"They're right." He says, taking his hood down.


Simmie's stopped dead in her tracks. She didn't expect to see him here. She doesn't know what to do, so she stands there and wishes all away. I know because she murmurs 'please let this be a nightmare.' Turning around, she sees the truth, real life. Visibly steeling herself, Mollie grips my hand a little tighter, she's a little scared. Simmie's face is blank, her eyes closed off and her mouth pressed into a tight line. Her arms are crossed over her chest.

Simmie, I need to-”

Explain?” she cuts him off, “Go on.” She says, her tone neutral. Zayn glances between me and Simmie.

Simmie, I...Erm..”He says turning to face her.

Don't know what to say? Want you back princess?” Sarcasm drips off her voice in excess.


Don't lie to me. I don't deserve any of this but I want the truth and if you don't give it then get out.” she cuts off.

A few beats go by in silence.

She sighs and walks away, this time, no one stops her.

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