(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



3. In the same room?

**Mollie's POV**

I sing to myself cheerily as I walk over to a table and begin to clear it. I hated my job sometimes; always clearing up after gobby fifteen year olds who thought it was cool to wear hoodies and jeans in the middle of summer. I begin to wipe down the oak table and look up as the bell rings above the door. Entering, are five boys. 
I stop singing mid-word and just stare.
Stop it, Molls. 
I have to remind myself to act normal. 
I could have sworn I knew them from somewhere. 
I start singing quietly again as the boys brush past me and take a seat at one of the large booths in the back corner of the shop. I shoot a glance at Simmie behind me, but she's too busy on her phone. I finish clearing the table and stack the dirty cups onto a tray. I carry it over to wear Simmie sits at one of the small tables near the counter and I place it on the counter and tell June, the cleaner, that they need washing. I race over to Simmie and sit down on the chair opposite her; casting a look at the boys. I spot one in particular, as he sits down and removes his hood. His blonde hair with dark roots fits with his vibrant blue eyes perfectly. He was gorgeous.
He was Niall.
Niall Horan.
Oh. My. God.
"Simmie," I hiss and she looks up from her phone, eyebrows drawn together.
"What's up?" She asks.
"Behind you," I whisper and then knock a napkin on to the floor. She bends down to pick it up, looking behind her in the process. She stares for a long moment so I nudge her in the side.
"Ouch!" She exclaims, going to sit up again and banging her head on the edge of the table. I stifle a laugh before asking if she's okay. I look over and notice the boys staring in our direction.
Oh my god.
"Did you see them?" I ask excitedly as she sits up, hand clutched to her head.
"Yeah, I also saw the edge of the table!" She says, glaring at me but I just giggle.
"I'm sorry. But One Direction are in the same room as us!" I whisper yell, trying not to get too excited. Never in my life would I thought I would see them; let alone be in the same room as them.
"Who?" She frowns. 
"Oh, them." Simmie shrugs as she realises who they are.
"How are you not freaking out right now?!" I exclaim, remembering that I'm in a shop full of people. I look around and notice that it's only me, Simmie, a family and an old couple in the shop.
And One Direction.
"They need they're order taken!" Simmie reminds me, looking back at her phone, a bored expression on her face. My heart flutters at the thought and then I nod, standing up. I brush my pencil skirt with my hands nervously before grabbing my note pad and heading over. The boys look up as I approach. 
I couldn't do this.
I look over at Simmie and she gives me the thumbs up. I nod and take a deep breath before stepping closer to their table.
"What can I get you?" I ask, trying to make sure my voice doesn't wobble.
"Erm, can I have a..." The boy with curls, better known as Harry Styles, ponders over the menu.
"Can I have an Americano, please." He meets my eyes and I blush, scribbling it down. Louis and Liam don't want anything so I move onto Zayn.
"I'll have a Mocha, please." He says, his accent shining through. I nod and my heart hammers furiously as I turn to Niall. 
He was even better close up.
"Sorry?" I ask, realizing he was staring at me. Oh my god. He had ordered and I was too busy staring at him to notice.  He chuckles softly, placing the menu on to the table and looking up; his blue eyes gleaming. 
"I said can I have a slice of chocolate cake please?" Niall smiles impishly at me and I nod, writing it down and feeling the colour rising to my cheeks.
"I'll be right back with them,"  I say and recieve thanks from all of them. I walk over to the counter in a daze, not believing what just happened. 

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