(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



8. I need you

***Niall's POV***

Oh my god, I hope she opens the door.


Staring at the reddened oak of their apartment door, with a neat '13D' in the middle, below the peep-hole. I could hear her laugh through the wall, the only thing separating us now. She was laughing at something the other girl said, Simmie, I think her name was. They seem close, Mollie and Simmie yet they're so different. Like Zayn and me, I guess.


Giving one look to Zayn, hidden behind a large bouquet of white and red roses with one black one tucked behind the rest, he gave me the reassurance I needed with a smile nod and smile. Even in my flower delivery boy uniform and Zayn hidden behind a massive bouquet of flowers, I'm still not sure we were hidden from everyone or if this would be good enough to trick the girls.


I knocked twice on the door with my fist, then immediately shoved them in my pockets, nervously. What if this is the wrong place? What if-



A clear voice said. I knew that was Mollie's voice. It was soft and innocent and she sounded content. Looking down at her, I could see her eyeing the flowers in question. Jesus. She was in sweats. She looked so relaxed with sweats and an old tee on with her make-up off. Is that a guitar I see in the back?

I need to speed this along.


Clearing my voice, I spoke in my best English accent,

“Love, are you Mollie from Costa?”

“Maybe,” she replies sceptically, “why?”

“I have a delivery for Mollie and Simmie.” She's so going to see through me.

“Oh okay, let me just get some money.”

“I don't need money, I need-”

“Sweetie, who's at the door?”

I could feel the way Zayn tensed up when he heard her voice.



I could hear Simmie coming closer and closer to the door and when she finally arrived, Zayn was shocked. She also had old sweats on and a tank top but Zayn was staring at the bottle of beer in her hand.


“I need something else,” I continue. Dropping my accent, “I need a kiss. I need you.”


The way both of their mouths drop open makes me wonder how they'll take this. Looking at Zayn, he nods and me and slowly drops the flowers from in front of his face.


Simmie's face shows the ghost of a smile before her gaze hardens and she crosses her arms over her chest. She tilts her head up like she's daring us to challenge her. After staring us both out for a few moments, she uncrosses her arms and walks away, into (what I gather is) the kitchenette.


“Come in, guys.” she says timidly but with her brilliant smile plastered on her face.



Taking in their apartment, I'm shocked by what I see. Walls various shades of cream with hints of gold and black for effect. Vintage black couch and a old brass lamp. Mismatching coffee table with evidence of Chinese take-out littering it. A balcony lies beyond that, looking over the busy night city. Is that a guitar and an ukulele I see by the door? To my left I see a kitchenette where Simmie's bend over, peering into the freezer. To my right I see two rooms, I’m guessing they have one each. A bathroom lies around the corner, judging by the reflection and the vanity shelf I can see in the refection.

“Do you guys want a beer?”

We all snap our heads to the kitchenette, not knowing who Simmie was talking to you, she was still bending into the freezer.

“Well?” she said impatiently. Zayn and Mollie share a look. I'm not sure I like this.

“I'll take one” Zayn says boldly.

“Lemon's on the bar and ice's on the sideboard.”


Mollie takes the flowers from Zayn and puts them on the sideboard. Zayn discreetly tucked the single black flower into his inside pocket of his leather jacket. I'm so glad we put them in a clear vase vase before we left.


Zayn sits on one of the bar stools as Mollie invites me over to sit on the couch. A picture catches my eye as I sit down.

“Hey Mollie,” I say loud enough for everyone to hear, “who's that with you and Simmie?”

Mollie opens her mouth to answer but she's cut off by Simmie screaming 'Don't tell him!' with her harden gaze hardening some more.



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