(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



70. Home

***Zayn's POV***

"Hi you lot!" Simmie's voice carries through the hallway and into the dining room, the thump of her bags on the floor as she goes.
"Simmie," Her mother smiles warmly at her as she enters the room, rising to hug her.
"How have-" She stops mid sentence, scanning the room before she meets my eyes. They then trail across the table to her father, to her brother, to me again and then to her mother; they're all grinning at her.
"You..." She trails off, confused, pulling back from her mother.
"Oh, Zayn here offered to cook us dinner tonight." Her mother tells her, taking her coat from her hands and placing it onto the kitchen side.
"Oh." Simmie says indifferently before a smile creeps onto her full lips and she takes a seat beside me at the table, her mother piling food on her plate.
Hello?” my mother-in-law chirps cheerily down the phone.
Hi, Mum, how are you?”
Zayn! Honey how are you?”
Fine thank you. I need your help.”
What happened?” she asks, understandable concern in her voice. Her son-in-law has just called her for the first time and I'm about to launch into how I need her help. Great idea, Zayn, great idea.
It's not life or death, but I need you to distract Simran so I can make up with her.”
Aw, you two had a fight? She's a stubborn one, like her daddy, but she'll come around.” after a few moments, she asks what she needs to do.
By now, everyone is eating and chatting when I feel a hand prod me underneath the table. I furrow my eyebrows at Simmie and she restrains a chuckle. I prod her back and she bites her tongue, trying not to react. my mind flickers back to the moment I forgave her. I would have done the same thing too; we were both gifted with loving families who supported us no matter what. if i was alone and going through something as life changing as this, I would want to be with the people who love me too.

"You did all of this?" She whispers, eyebrows raised and lips tracing a smile, dragging me from my thoughts. I chew on my lower lip, pushing my food around my plate before nodding slowly.
"Why?" She asks. I meet her eyes, looking at her as though it's obvious.
"For you," I whisper back, causing a larger grin to spread across her face.
"I love you," Her voice washes over me and I whisper the same back, kissing her hand gently.
Well, I'm off.” Ethan says, rising abruptly rising from the table and placing his dishes in the sink.
Gotta date with Kayley.” he says by way of explanation, shrugging his shoulders and sliding his hands into his denim pockets.
Ooo,” Simmie chimes with a cheeky smile.
Shut up Simmie.” he says laughing before barrelling her into a bear hug. Laughing, I stand up and get myself around to Ethan to shake his head.
"Thanks for the dinner." He says smiling at me. We're about the same height.
"You're welcome."
"Ah what the hell?" He asks before drawing me close to his chest in a man hug. I watch him walk out the room with a goodbye enforce meeting his date.


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