(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



29. Gig

***four days later***


***Niall's POV***


Mollie invited me to the gig. She told me that Simmie and her have a gig in four days time outside Hyde Park. She asked Zayn and I to come and see them perform. I told them we couldn't we had a concert. She looked so disappointed before she shrugged it off. I never want to see that look on her face unless I can help it.


So here we are, hiding in hoodies. The concert finished on time so we just made it; only a few minutes late. I can't see her among the crowds but I can hear her. Her voice is perfect; it sounds so sweet and innocent and she hits all the notes. She's my girl. After letting the last note drag, the crowds erupt into thunderous applause. She announces she's doing the last song with Simmie. I hear the intro with a guitar and a ukulele. Two voices float along the summer breeze along with the sweet smell on honeysuckle. The sky's pink, pink like Mollie's cheeks when she blushes, the sun slinking behind the skyscrapers of London. I feel myself drowning into the atmosphere, blending into the sights and smells of London.


I'm jerked from my reverie when the audience start whooping and clapping. As the crowds disperse, I can see Mollie. She's putting her guitar back in it's case, her hair covering her beautiful case like a curtain. Simmie's next to her but she doesn't hold my attention like Mollie. Looking at Mollie up and down, I see her wearing: signature black converse, red tee highlighting her amazing figure and cut-off’s, trying to beat the August heat.


I smile at her, crossing my arms over my chest as I see her pack up. My protective instinct as a man, tall and broad with black hair touching her shoulder. She looks up and smilies politely at him as he pulls her in for a hug. I want to storm over there and tear them apart. Mollie points over to Simmie and he walks over to her. I walk up to Mollie and she still doesn’t notice me, her eyes are glued to Simmie and she's nervously biting her lip. Simmie has her hands on her hips and her face contorts into an angry mood, fire burning in her eyes.


I feel Zayn run past me to her but it's too late.


Zayn stops just in front of me, the both of us shocked by the scene in front of us. She's slapped his face and he's getting ready to hit her back. She grabs his wrist centimetres from her face, twisting it up his back so he grunts. Using her Doc Marten'd feet, she pushed his feet backward so he was off-balance, landing face first into the grass. Mollie gets behind her and drags Simmie's tee-shirt up. They take their instruments and run, still not noticing us. We're being swallowed by the crowd as we both digest what's happened.  

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