(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



91. Five more Minutes

***Simmie's POV***

I’d crawled back into bed when the twins had settled down. Zayn was back and I still couldn’t summon the will to get up.
"Simmie." Zayn whispers, stroking my hair back, fanning it out on the pillow.
"Simmie wake up, we're gonna be late."
"Five more minutes." I grumble before turning over onto my stomach, nuzzling my pillow. I feel him lean back on his haunches as he takes me in. Feeling self-conscious, I yank the covers up to my chin. He sighs before hopping off the bed and out the room.
Finally summoning the courage to get out of bed, I throw the covers back and make my way to the shower, stifling a yawn as I go.

Emerging a few moments later, I throw my damp hair up in a ponytail, hoping the ends haven't left a wet patch on the back of my shirt. Perching on the stool, I quickly apply my make-up before making the bed.
"Um...Zayn?" I call out from the room.
"What are these?" I say as he comes in the room, hands buried deep in his back pockets.
“Oh,” he starts casually, “you know when we had that massive argument, a while back?”
“Yeah?” I say, realisation dawning on me. These are the letters that I never read! Falling down to my knees, I look up at him as he follows suit. Gently scanning the envelopes, I see the only one marked 'princess' in a sea of 'Simmie's; smiling I grab for that first. Tearing back the seal, a bundle of photos spill out on the floor from our first date.
Picking them up, I lean back on my haunches and filter through them, smiling; each one brought back a different moment of that evening. Passing them over to Zayn, I see him slide through them, constantly looking back at me while I open the others and put them in a pile – to be put in a photo album later.

Reaching the hospital, I gently knock on the private door for Mollie.
“Come in.” she chirpy replies.
“Hey Biscuit.” I say, threading my fingers through Zayn's fingers.
“Hi Scarlett,” I coo before looking over the rest of the room, “I don't suppose that Ni-”
I spoke a little too soon.
“Hello Niall.” I say neutrally, my face falling blank.
“Hi, Simmie.” he says my name with a sad smile before looking between Mollie, Scarlett and I. Squeezing Zayn's hand, I remember what we decided.
“Niall, can I talk to you outside please?” I say, gently de tangling my fingers from Zayn's.
“Sure.” he says before eating up the floor in long strides to the door behind me.

What's up?” he asks me softly his hands in his pockets

Niall, Zayn explained it all to me.” I say, pulling at the hem of my jumper.

Oh.” he says, looking hopefully up at me, trying to work out my reaction.
“Look,” I say nervously, my hands sliding subconsciously into my pockets. “Zayn's trying to explain this to Bisc- I mean Molls. We thought it would be better coming from Zayn and then you to show you weren’t lying. I know it sounds crap but I know Mollie like the back of my hand. If Zayn tells his half and you tell yours and they match,” I emphasise, “and its the truth,” before finishing, “she'll forgive you.” Smiling up at him, he smiles down at me before pulling me into an awkward hug and pressing a kiss into my cheek.

Thank you.” he sighs in relief.

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