(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



46. Falling in love in the cruelest way

***Simmie's POV***


Coming home from work, I stumble up the stairs to our apartment. As I unlock the door, my body on autopilot, I noticed a note on the floor. Sighing, I pick it up and walk into the apartment, swinging the door shut behind me.


Reading the note, I almost cry.


I'm sorry for everything. I never meant to hurt you. Zayn xo”


Screwing the note up, I walk into my room.


Stripping off my wet clothes, I put on sweats and look for a hoodie. Picking up a black hoodie, I mistake it as my own.


The scent settles around me as I rip it off. Throwing it across the room, my hand flies over my mouth, silencing the noise as I slide down the wall, crouching on the floor, tears streaming down my rain-stained face.


The rain beats against my window as I sit there and realise...realise....I-I-I love h-him.

I love- I love Z-Zayn-Zain M-Malik.


I close my eyes and will the feelings to subside. Gathering my strength, I push myself up from the floor and grab a tee shirt, not even looking at the hoodie. Grabbing my laptop, I walk to window seat and log on.


Seeing all my neglected emails, I answer all of them and fill in some paperwork. At about six, my stomach rumbles. I hadn't eaten all day, not even breakfast. Walking into the kitchennette, I boil some gnochi. Adding my favourite tomato sauce, I put it on a plate before attacking it with a fork. Putting my dishes in the wash, I walk back into my room.


Hey Simmie!” Mollie says, sweetly, as she sticks her head in my room at eight pm. I paste my classic smile on.

Hi Mollie, how was your day?” I reply.

Great thanks, got a little soaked in the rain, it hasn’t let up all day. Yours?” she says, peering out the window. Sitting on my bed, she makes herself at home. I save my work and shut down my laptop. Getting up, I put my laptop away before joining her on the bed. Smile in place, “Yeah, silly weather. Got lots of work done. Did Niall take you out after your lecture?”

Yeah,” she shrugs, her smile faltering, “but you don’t want to hear about it.”

Oh but I do.” I really do, anything to get my mind of him. “please,” I add.

She smiles pityingly before telling me. We giggle like we're fourteen again. I get up and break out my stash of junk food. We sit on my bed and just act like we're fourteen again, telling stories and obsessing over the little details in life, like how the office hottie was checking me out.


Just after ten the door bell goes. I jump to answer it, claiming to get another beer, but actually I wanted to stop smiling before my face cracked in two. Opening the door, I see Niall. Smiling at me, I call for Mollie. Mollie comes out of her room and hugs Niall.

Have you told her?” Niall asks Mollie, glancing at me. Mollie's smile disappears along with mine.

Tell me what?” I ask, my brows furrowing in curiosity. My arms cross over my chest.

About Za-”

About the sale they have at New Look.” Mollie says, cutting Niall off. They look at our and understanding dawns on us in different ways.


My world comes crashing down around me. I'm not fourteen any more, obsessing over little things. I'm twenty and should be acting like it. He's a celebrity and I'm a girl with a lot of baggage. He has Perrie. He can do whatever the hell he wants. He played with me and I let him. I walked into this, eyes open. Why do I always get hurt? Why do I always fall and then wonder why know one caught me? Because my baggage is too heavy. I was a nice change. The sooner I accept the truth, the better.


Zayn?” I sigh after a few moments, steeling myself.

I know about him. He's with Perrie. I was nothing to him, wasn’t even his girlfriend. I'm fine, there's nothing left to say.” I shrug

I go to walk to room, bidding them goodnight,

He came over. He left a note but I threw it at him. I know about you and your ex. You had a fight and broke your rib and sprained your wrist. You've missed training for six months.” Mollie says with her eyes closed. I stop in my tracks and turn to face them.

I saw it, its on the table. I saw the magazines too, Ethan shoved one under my door and they were in the bin.” I say pointing to the coffee table with the screwed up note, her eyes flutter open and her hand visibly tightens around Niall's. “So? It's been around for six months and its summer, you were going to notice. Bit surprised you didn't notice earlier.” I add brushing imaginary lint of my sweats. I was acting strong, faking it, when inside I was crumbling like a sand castle made with no water.

So,” Niall starts, “he's been moping around ever since we left for the wedding-”

I cut him off, hearing enough. “I was a um...” I pause for effect before adding air quotes, “photo shopped to him really well. He doesn’t know me.”

He's been begging to see you. He's being snappy at me and the boys.” he finished like I didn't say anything.

I feel tears burn like fire in my eyes. Biting the inside of my mouth until I felt the coppery taste of my physical limit to hold back any sharp retort I had. Bidding them both goodnight before turning to my room, ready to cry myself to sleep, a voice stops me in my tracks, paralysed.


They're right.”

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