(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



38. Fairy Lights

***Mollies POV***

I race down the hallway; nearly slamming in to Niall on the way.
"Oh hey, sorry I was running a bit late I-" he cuts me off by laughing.
"Angel, it's fine. I'd wait for years if it meant you looked like that just to go out with me," His blue eyes drift up and down my body; taking me in. I was wearing a blue skater skirt with white figure hugging crop top. I had white heels on and an over sized knitted cardigan that I pulled over my hands. My hair feel in messy waves to my shoulders, my lips a deep shade of red.
"You look amazing," he whispers, grinning. I smile shyly, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. He chuckles and bends down to plant a kiss on my nose.
"Where are we going?" I ask as he entwined our fingers and leads me out of the apartment.
"You'll see," he tells me with a mischievous tone.

"You did this for me?!" I exclaim.
"Yep," Niall smiles, popping the 'p'. I take it all in. Fairy lights hung from a huge oak tree, lighting up the area. Two wooden swings hung from a large branch and set out beneath it was a blanket with food, drink and candles covering it. We walk over and Niall holds the swing still whilst I gingerly sit down. I smile thanks and he takes a seat on the other. We swing gently and eat, whilst talking about nonsense and things that don't matter.

"Thank you for tonight, Niall." I say, leaning my head on his arm as we walk home in the dark.
"I need to Skype Simmie!" I gasp, remembering my promise to her earlier that night.

"Hey, biscuit!" Simmie's face appears on the screen.
"Hey!" I chime back and Niall says hi too.
"Where have you two been?" She asks and I smile at Niall.
"Here," I hold up my phone, a picture of the tree and swings is up. I watch as it adjusts to the camera and Simmie's face lights up.
"Aw! That's so cute," she says, giving Niall a grin.
"Anything for my angel." He snuggles his face in to my neck and I chuckle.
"How are you anyway?" I ask her, noticing the pained expression she adapts at the sight of me and Niall.
"Yeah, I'm good." She says, smiling. I've known her too long to know that she wasn't okay though. She would do this all the time; put up all her defences when all she needed was someone to be there. To listen and give her advice.
"Hey guys," a voice says, slamming the door behind them. I look over and see Zayn walking towards us. Niall waves him over and he spots the laptop. His eyes round out when he sees Simmie on the screen.
"Simmie!" He exclaims, coming right up to the camera. The call cuts off, Simmie's pissed face the last thing we see.
"What was that about?" I ask, confused. I watch as Niall and Zayn exchange a look; Niall's condescending and Zayn guilty.
"I'll be ten minutes," Zayn mumbles, pulling out his phone and heading down the hall.

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