(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



69. Ending the Chase

***Simmie's POV***

'Simmie why did you have a go at Niall?'

The words flash through my mind as I walk. Huddling deeper into my jacket, I call Mollie again...only to hear her voice telling me to leave a message. I brush wayward tears as I find myself wandering further away from home, reliving the argument.
"Simmie, why did you do that?"
"Do you have any idea how Mollie feels right now?" I counter, standing across the room.
"What about Niall?" He shouts, standing on the other.
"For crying out loud, Mollie's pregnant Zayn! She has enough without this surprise!"
"Pregnant? What do you mean pregnant?"
"Really?" I scream at him before getting my coat, forgetting that he didn't know. I toss one look at Zayn, seeing him follow me with his angry eyes, his arms crossed over his chest.

I groan once before ripping the door open and slamming it behind me as I storm out.
Burying myself deeper in my coat, I dial Mollie's number with numb fingers. Being sent through to the answer-phone again,  I sigh before turning down the alley to Mollie and Niall's apartment.


"Mollie?" Niall asks hopefully as he whips the door open. He visibly deflates as he sees its me. "Oh."
"Can I come in?" I ask hesitantly, expecting him to slam the door in my face.

He pulls back slightly to allow me and my bump to enter.
"I'" I begin, nervously pulling my cuffs down over my sleeves. "Sorry." I breathe, looking down at my feet.
"It's okay Simmie." Niall says, coming around to hug me. "I would have said the same thing to, if you hadn't told Zayn you were leaving for a while."

I chuckle nervously, a weight burdening my shoulders it seems. Banishing the thought and telling myself that it's a different situation, I change the subject.
"Is Mollie home? I can't seem to get her mobile." Pulling mine out my pocket to illustrate my point.
"No." He says, his hands running his hair. For the first time in a while, I take him in; noticing how this has taken a toll on him too. If his scruffy appearance was ignored, there was no denying his puffy eyes with 'sleep deprivation' scribbled all over them.
"Niall, where is she?" I ask.
"I don't know." He whispers back, pacing back and forth. Sighing, I rub my arms to ward of a chill...a chill of guilt almost. Channelling my mind I think of the one person Mollie would always go to-
"Niall. Niall!" I pant, my arms beginning to flail slightly, finally realising the one place I hadn't checked.
"What? Simmie what?"
"Her Nana’s book shop. Around the corner from mine. Niall let's-"
Niall's out the door before I can walk the two steps I needed to get to the door.
"Go." I whisper to the empty apartment; the slam of the apartment door behind him ending the chase.
Sighing, I wrap my coat tighter around me before closing my eyes for a moment. Walking over to the door, I open the door and close it softly behind me. Realising, I have one place left to go, I think it over in my mind as I remember the moment Zayn told me.
"Simmie." a voice rumbles through the room.
"Hey, Zayn." He says, planting a kiss on my cheek and a hand softly on my prudent bump.
"What are these?" I ask, looking up and noticing the bundle of crimson roses clutched in his hands.
"Roses." he says with a smile, his free hand taking my reading glasses off and putting them next to my laptop on the desk.
"What for?" I cheekily ask.
"Nothing." he says sharply before amending himself. "I mean, do I need a reason to buy my wife flowers?"
Rising an eyebrow, I swing around on my chair making him retreat a few steps. Seeing him, I notice he has worry etched on his face; his brows knitted tight and his smile faked to me. Instantly knowing something was wrong, I drop my smile.
"Honey, what's happened?" he deflates as I ask him and I brace myself.
"I'm going on tour in four days. I found out today. I can't take you, baby, because we're flying and the twins, baby, I'm so sorry. I wish I could, you-"
"Zayn, sweetheart, it's fine I understand." 
"You do?" he asks with so much awe in his voice, I blush.
"How long are you gone for?" I ask sweetly.
"Three months." he mumbles to the floor, me barely catching it.
"Zayn what- the babies-you" I ask, sighing, "that's why you brought me roses."
He nods his head, his eyes still on the floor and his sock-clad feet pawing at the floor. I rise from my chair, sighing deeply as I go. He holds the roses out to me; either as a shield or a peace offering and I wrap my fingers over his. I throw him a sad smile as he looks up, instantly forgetting my anger. 
"Thank you for the roses." I say, burying my face in their sweet scent, my tears dropping like soft summer rain on their petals. "They need water." I say, using the only plausible excuse to run out the room without him. 


"Zayn it's not what you think!" I reason with him as he throws the bedroom door open when he finally comes in.
"You're leaving?" he growls, red in the face and his hands crossed over his chest.
"Zayn, no I-" He stalks closer to me as I think of what to say, my eyes looking everywhere but him.
"Zayn I'm going home." I grit through my teeth, finally looking at his face; pulled taut in frustration.
"This is home." he punctuates at me.
"I mean 'home-home.'" I whisper, as I pull the cuffs of his jumper over my hands.
"What's that supposed to mean?" he fires back.
"It means I need to go home."I whisper, looking up at him.
"Fine. Go." He shouts before storming out the room, his feet heavy on the floor and I can almost feel it on my heart.
"Zayn-" I plead, feeling the tears burn in my eyes.
"I come home to find this!" he storms back in the room, a bag in his hands.
"You're not my keeper, you don't know everything!" I counter, feeling the adrenaline give me the energy I need.
"I'm your husband I deserve to know!" he growls and I know, deep down, he's right.
"I'm going home for the twins." I whisper in a voice so meek, I'm not even sure it's mine, after a few moments.
"What's you leaving got to do with this?" he asks dumb-struck.
"I'm due in under two months Zayn, where are you in two months?" I ask, lifting my gaze to level with his.
"On tour?" he whispers, recognition dawning on him.
"Yes on tour and that's why I'm going home." I say with every ounce of pride I have in me. I watch him throw the bag on the bed next to me, the contents of it spilling out on the monochrome duvet. 
Blue and pink baby clothes. Bibs. Shoes. Nappies. Baby wipes. Chocolate. Baby bottles. New tee shirts. Baby Levi's. Changing mat. Baby blankets. 
Feeling the tears sting in my eyes, I blink them back, refusing to let them fall. He sighs and walks out the room and I hear him walk out on to the deck in the garden, even though it's so cold outside, he won't last long. I throw one last look at the bed, not trusting myself to touch them.
I walk out, brushing the tears that flow freely down my face. Writing a note, I pin it on the fridge, "I'm sorry but I can't do it alone. Good luck Zayn, I love you."  scrawling my initial and a few hugs and kisses. Wheeling my suitcase behind me, I listen to the front door behind me as I walk away.
All alone on a midnight train home, I watch as the city melts into my home town, seeing fields. the train jerks forward as we pull into the station as I am jerked from my daydream. Wiping the tears, I grab my bag and make my way home.


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