(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



36. Date Night

***Niall's POV***

Walking out of Mollie's apartment, I think of what Zayn's doing. He didn't come home last night, and he's spending an awful amount of time with Perrie. Yes, it's a publicity stunt like Harry and Taylor was but Haylor did turn real after a while. Has that happened to Zayn?

Blocking out my thoughts concerning Zayn, Perrie and Simmie, I think of where I should take Mollie out for dinner. As I walk the two blocks home, I think of a great idea. Smiling at this, I run to my apartment, dialling Mollie's number as I go.

Fixing my tie in the mirror, I assess my black trousers, freshly ironed, a white button down shirt and a thin black tie, which I'm having trouble tying. Looking down at my pointy dress shoes, I quickly glance up at the mirror before grabbing my keys, phone and wallet. Shooting my reflection a smile, I lock the door behind me and get ready to meet Mollie by Costa.
I arrive two minutes before Mollie so I check my emails. Replying to the important ones, I email Zayn telling him I'll be out for dinner but back for the night, I put my phone back in my pocket.

Looking down the street towards Mollie's apartment, I see her saunter up to me. Looking her long long legs, bare up to the thigh, I notice her black strappy sandal, flat with abundance of leather wrapping around her ankles, contrasting with her brazen red toe nails. She was wearing a dip back dress; the top part was a black tank top, the straps thick and balancing precariously on her delicate shoulders. The skirt billowed over her hips, silhouetting her petite hourglass figure in a float transparent material with a dark yet faint leopard print over it. The front of her legs were exposed to me but the backs were covered. My brand was vivid against her skin but I could she her use of concealer as she tried to cover it. Her makeup was light, her eyes were complimented with neutral tones and black liner with tinted lashes. Her face had a natural fresh glow to it and I could tell she wore her face bare otherwise. Her lips were painted a brazen red, matching her nails. Her hair was held back off her face in a messy updo, tresses of wavy hair framing her beautiful face.

Walking over to me, I kiss her cheek before hugging her.
"Angel, you look," I pause, thinking of the right word, "absolutely stunning."
She flushes a beautiful shade of pink, her sun kissed skin turning coppery.
"Thanks Niall." She smiles up at me,"You clean up amazingly yourself."
Smiling some more, I notice her stare at my dimples. Leaning forward slightly, I take in her scent. She smells like strawberries and innocence (if innocence had a scent) as she kisses the dimple closed to her. Kissing her, my arms rope around her, pulling her flush against my chest. Her arms grip my shirt, pulling me closer. Our legs entwined, pulling us closer still, I can feel myself falling under her spell.

Taking all my willpower, I pull away biting my numb lips. Opening my eyes, the sight nearly undoes me. Her lips were still a perfect red, swollen from my torture. Noticing her lips are always red when I've kissed her, I realise I did that to her. A wave of pride ripples through me. Her eyes are full of passion and desire, orbs of perfect tea (strange comparison I know) nearly swallowed by black pupils full of lust and something else. Wanting to read deeper into her, I realise I'm running out of time.

Untangling my arms from her, I gently encase her hand in mine, relishing in the way it fits perfectly. Her hands are soft and dainty, petite in my own.
"Ready for dinner?" I ask, smiling down at her.
She nods her head as I begin to walk forward. A look of confusion paints her face.
"We're not eating here?"
"Nope." I reply, popping the 'p' for effect.
"Where are we eating?" She asks me, worry creeping in her voice.
"Here." I say, pulling her up by the local diner.
Walking out the booth, having paid for starters of nachos and soup, I help Mollie up. Reminiscing in the conversion we had over the first part of the evening, I recall how she loves horror movies. She loves to ride horses and misses doing so while she's studying here. Her smile drags me out of my memories. She smoothed her dress down as she looks up at me with more confusion in her face.
"Is that it?" She asks shyly, looking at the floor.
"No, don't worry." I say before leading her out the door to the Italian restaurant across the street.

I watch the graceful yet messy way she eats her spaghetti. We've all discovered that there's no easy and clean way to eat spaghetti. She tucked her napkin like a bib into the top of her dress, tomato sauce splattering it. She slurps the rest of the pasta up before taking the napkin out of her top and folding it up. She delicately touches it to her mouth a few times, cleaning away any remaining sauce. Satisfied she puts her napkin in her plate before a sip of wine. I drain the remainder of my glass and she follows suit. Asking the waiter for the bill, I see her the wheels turning in her head as she figures out what I'm doing next. In all honesty, I don't know either.
Leading her a block from my apartment, I take her into the ice cream parlour, for well, ice cream. I ask her to order one to share and she scans the menu with me. She looks at the chocolate lovers with me. Sliding a glance at me, our eyes lock as we both make our decision.

Walking home, I hold her hand as night settles around us. The neon lights of London light the horizon and he busy night life continues but right now, I'm content. I lead our lazy stroll to my apartment block. I stop outside the entrance and hold the door open,
"I don't suppose I could offer you coffee madam?" She giggles, the sound washing over me as she runs to my apartment, her hands pulling up her train, me hot on her tails.
Walking into my apartment, I see Zayn crashed out on the couch, three beer bottles next to him. Not bothering to talk to him, after what he's doing with Perrie and Simmie, I lead Mollie into my room.

Closing the door behind me, I hear the lock click in place. I look back at Mollie. she's fiddling with her nails,nervously tucking her hair behind her ears. Walking closer to her, she looks up at me, her eyes are wide, her lips parted slightly as she takes me in. Her hands run up my body before resting on my tie. She tugs on it slightly and it come undone. Wrapping her dainty fingers around each end, she pulls me closer slightly and goes up on her tiptoes. She nervously bits her lip before presses her forehead to mine. She looks deeply into my eyes and I have a feeling she can see into my soul. I'd bare it for her, only her. 

"Thank you for tonight." She whispers, her breath fanning over me. She bouncing a peck of my lips. "I needed it to get my mind off worrying about everything, especially Simmie." She adds before kissing me properly this time, her hands wrapping tighter around my tie, pulling my closer. I wrap my arms around her, my arms resting slightly on her hips. her hands move slowly up the tie to my hair, her fingers running insane torture on my senses. My hands run to under her bum and I lift her against me. Her knees straddle my waist as I fall carefully back on my bed. her hands move out my hair  to hold herself above me, either side of my head. My hands move up to hips. 

Leaning up, I push myself up the bed so I'm resting on the pillows. Her fingers twist through mine as I roll her on her back. I run her hands above her head, our hands still joining. She pulls back and smiles at me. Leaning off her, I go back on my haunches. she sits up and adjusts her dress as I get up and get clothes out for her. Pulling out a bag of toiletries I brought today for her, I pass them to her. Giving her a new shirt (this one has Ireland pasted on the front) Mollie goes into the bathroom and changes. As she changes, I strip down and turn on the lamps. I walk into my kitchen and put the kettel on for some decaf tea. Once it's brewed, I take a small jug of milk and sugar with it to my room.

I put it on the bedside table, making sure I don't knock it. Laying back on my bed, I put my arms behind my head and cross my ankles, waiting her. She comes back in after a few minutes, her hair tied up and her face scrubbed clean. She's folded up her clothes and put her shoes on top. Resting them on top on my chest of drawers before curling over me, I curl one arm around her and grab the remote with the other, asking her what she wants to watch. I ask her if she wants milk and sugar. Tailoring it to her preferences (and telling her its decaf) I tailor my own tea. Pressing play on the Godfather, I snuggle into her. 


It's eleven and we're both tired after the film. I crawl into my bed, laying on my back. Mollie crawls in next to me, curling her body perfectly into mine.

"Thank you Nialler, for tonight. It was amazing and totally different." She kisses my bare chest."Goodnight Niall." She whispers against my chest.
"Goodnight angel." I whisper into the darkness as I turn oh the lamps and curl my arms around her, cocooning her.

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