(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



54. Cooking for Princess

***Simmie's POV***(continued)

I'm woken by Zayn nuzzling my neck. I'm lying on my belly and Zayn's crawled over me, nuzzling my behind my ears down to my shoulder. The scent of him; woodsy and soapy with his own natural musk mixed with my vanillary one was soaked into the sheets.
"Mmmmm. Good morning to you too, baby." I grumble, half awake with a smile, burying my face into the red and black duvet, sunlight streaming over us both.
"Good morning." He says into my neck. "Did I hurt you last night?"
Smiling at the memory, Zayn kisses all his brands over my neck and shoulders.
"No baby, you're good." I say, snuggling into both his bed and him.
"You never answered my question."
Raising my left hand, the sunlight glimmers the simple diamond with two smaller diamonds either side on a gold band. On my ring finger. I feel him look at it. Climbing back over me, he kisses my knuckles. He places two kisses over my ring finger.
"I love you." He whispers in my hand before nuzzling it.
"I love you too." I whisper back, smiling with my eyes shut. He kisses my hand one last time before dragging himself out of the bed to shower. I open my eyes a sliver and see his naked torso disappear into the bathroom. A sight truly worth waking up for.
Wrapping the sheet around me, I gather my discarded clothes from last night. Shaking the rose petals from them, he kept his promise: all the petals weren't on the bed any more. Grinning, I carry on until my clothes are just a heap in my arms.
"Mollie said she packed your toiletries in the bag by the front door." I hear Zayn say as he walks back in the room, in boxers and jeans. He searches for a tee before finding my Alabama one. Smiling at me, he slips it over his head. Playfully glaring at him, I drop my clothes on his bed and still wrapped in the duvet, I walk out his room to get the bag.
Opening the bag, I see my back duffel bag shoved into Mollie's purple one. That's why it was so heavy, I realise. Zipping Mollie's bag up again, I walk back into Zayn's room; dragging my bag in one hand, the other holding the duvet, I shut his door behind me.
"Can I use the bathroom?" I ask Zayn as he styles his hair in the mirror.
"Sure princess." He smiles at in the mirror. I go into his bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.
Emerging fifteen minutes later, I'm clean and smelling like Zayn. Mollie packed me my black and grey jeggings with my fluffy blue oversized jumper with black hearts on it. Slipping my black Chucks on, I lace them up. I shove yesterday's jeans and hoodie into my duffel bag. Laying the duvet back on the bed, I make the bed and put my duffel bag on it, zipping it up.
Moving the burnt out candles to Zayn's dresser, I start to pick up the remaining flower petals and put them next to the candles. The whole room smells like vanilla and rose.
Satisfied, I stole a glance at my reflection. My skin was glowing, even under my make-up. My lips were swollen red and my hair was a curly mess; a mixture of my curly hair and straight hair with extreme bed head as well as rosé petals woven through them. Smiling at my reflection, I could see Zayn's brand on my skin. Walking closer to the mirror, I could see the network of them running down from my left side of my neck, from under my ear down last my collar bone and disappearing under my jumper lines. I feel Zayn behind me, his fingers moving my hair out the way, exposing the left side of my neck. He runs his fingers over the exposed skin, starting from the back of my neck. His fingers trace around every individual brand, his eyes locked him mine in the mirror. His hand runs down my arms to my hands where he wraps his fingers in my own; him standing behind me. His lips brush my exposed skin on my neck and shivers race emphatically down my spine. I lean into him, and he puts his arms over my waist, his hands still on top of mine before kissing the side of my face. He brings my left hand up to his face and kisses the ring.
"Bacon and pancakes for a Saturday breakfast, princess?" He whispers softly into my ear.
"Please baby." I whisper to his reflection.
He unwraps his arms before opening the bedroom door and walking us out to the kitchen where I watch him cook after being told to sit down while he 'cooks for his princess.'


"Hey Zayn, what are these?" I say, stepping into the apartment and seeing all these letters scattered about on the floor.


Picking one up, I notice his sloppy writing on the front saying 'Princess'. Smiling at him as I glance at him, I see his face flush as his hands are fisted in his pockets. Looking at him like that makes me wish I could take pictures in my mind and makes me want to save the letters for a rainy day. Picking them all up, I clutch them to my chest and smile up at him.

I wrote letters to you, asking for you to come back to me. Saying I'm sorry. I miss you. I love you.” He says to floor, his eyes closed and hands deep in his pockets.

Biting my lip slightly, he looks up, sincerity shining through his eyes. I realise now, he can't lie to me because his eyes will always betray him. 


Putting the letters on the side, I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his neck, my hands elbow-deep in his thick mop head. I look into his eyes as his hands slowly hold my hips before jerking them towards him. Going up my tiptoes, I kiss his nose before jumping to wrap my legs around his waist. Pressing his lips to mine, I tell with a kiss; a million 'I love you's and ten million 'I missed you's.


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