(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



66. Coming Home

***Simmie's POV***

“Honey, I'm home.” the cliché line as Zayn barrels through the door is enough to make me and my basketball belly run to him. Throwing my arms around him, I'm careful to keep my belly away from him so we don’t crush my belly between us. Slamming my lips to his, I hear him mumble that arrogantly that 'I so missed him.' damn well I did, even though he was only gone...for a night.

“I missed you too.” he says.
"I missed you three." He says looking in my eyes as he rests a hand on my stomach. He loves doing this, it's become a habit. I'll wake up on my back with his hand rubbing my belly talking to the baby. Babies.
"They missed you fourth." I say pointing down at my belly.
"They? Fourth?" Confusion settles in his brow but hope settles in his eyes.
"We're having twins." I beam up at him, snuggling into him. He mouths the words at me, grinning, before wordlessly taking his bag up to his room.

Anxious, I walk into the kitchen and snuggle deeper into his scarf as I begin to make dinner, thinking off when I told Mollie over lunch.


So, how's the pregnancy?” she asks, taking a sip of her tea. She was on her tea break at ten and I managed to come and see her before I had to go to work; I’d just come back from one of the doctor's appointment with my mum. I hadn’t told Zayn because I didn’t want him to worry with him being on tour and all.

It's good, sickness hasn't been too bad. I have good news though.” I said, my grin so big is creates those crinkles around my eyes.

I have good news too.” she has, placing here now empty mug on the table, beaming.

You first.” I say, with an interested smile.

No,” she blushes at me, fiddling with her nails, “you first.”

Smiling at her as she looks up again, I tell her I'm having twins. She pretty much screams and few of the other patrons look over but I don’t care. She gets up and comes up to hug me, her arms wrapping around my neck, her body vibrating with excitement.


She settles down, that big 'ld grin still on her face.

Now, your news biscuit.”

Well, cupcake,” she begins,”I'm pregnant too.”

He comes back in the room just as dinner is about to be set on the table, dragging me from my day, dressed in my Alabama tee and jeans, unbuttoned at the top. His scarf's folded on the stairs, I don't need it now he's home again.
"Dinner." I say nonchalantly before slinking back to drawers to grab the cutlery. He stops me short and pulls me back to him, his chest to my back.

His lips are pressed against my neck, not moving just there. They press deeper, into the hollow of my collarbone and I go crazy inside. I can feel my heartbeat match his; fast and pounding, tension radiating from us. His heart is cradled between my shoulder blades, my head resting on his shoulder. The thumping of his heart is the only thing that reminds me that isn't a dream. This is reality. A dream come true.

His arms wrap tighter around me, his arms fiddling with the  puffed up fabric of my dress. My arms wrap over his as my fingers gently draw circles over his forearms, leaving a wake of goosebumps. I smile at that, revelling in the power I have over him.
"Twins?" He says to no one in particular.

Pulling back, he takes in my dress.
"Did you go out dressed like that?" Zayn asks, rolling his jumper sleeves up. I pull the sleeves over my wrists user his scrutiny; his eyes blatantly assessing me.
"Yeah why?" I say, looking down at my black dress, turning the cooker off and taking dinner off the stove ready for plating. "I met Mollie after work." I try to explain.

I turn to look at him. He's walking closer to me and reaches above me to get two plates out; he purposely pushes his body to mine.
"Because you look too damn pretty in it. I don't want you to give other men ideas because you are mine." He whispers in my ear before kissing it, emphasising the last three words with separate kisses to that spot under my ear. Blushing as he walks to the table, I bring the rest of the tableware to the table and the pan, willing my face to cool.

Zayn's pouring me some fizzy apple juice and some wine for himself, knowing I can't drink and he's trying to make me feel better.

"I have work to do before I go to bed so I'll see you in a few." I say rising from the sofa.

We sat on the sofa after dinner, curled up in each other. Flicking the TV channel to E4, we watched the new series of the Big Bang Theory.

Suppressing a yawn, I walk up the stairs to feel a cushion hit me squarely on the bum. Turning around with mock anger, it quickly dispatches when I see Zayn curled up on the sofa under a blanket. He has his classic smile pasted on as he told me he loves me. Smiling back over my shoulder, I blow him a kiss and tell him I love him too. I see him pretend to catch the kiss and press it to his heart and mine melts at the sight before he settles back to watching telly.


Turning my laptop off, I spin the chair around before getting up.
"You coming to bed yet?" I stop to see Zayn leaning his tee-and-boxer-clad body against the door frame, his easy smile raking over my body as he takes in my sweats and his hoodie as he crosses his arms over his broad chest.
"Yeah just shutting down." I say as the machine finally beeps and whirs, telling me it had shut-down. I put the lid down before getting up.
"What do you want for your birthday?"Zayn asks out of the blue, his eyes following me.
"Nothing." I shrug, walking towards him.

His cheeky smile returns as he pulls me close.
"I have an idea." He whispers into my hair before moving to my ear. He whispers naughty thoughts into my ear and I'm left a little breathless.
"Yeah, sounds good." I practically pant.

He leans back and laughs, one arm slipping around my back, the other winding around my knees.
"My princess is tired." He whispers and I nod, my knees buckling. He easily swings me up into his arms as I knock the switch with my hand before wrapping it around his neck, bringing him down for a tiny kiss. Of course, he doesn't do tiny. Opening my eyes into the plunging darkness, we use the moonlight streaming through the gaps to get across the landing to our room.






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