(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



73. Chocolates and Tea

***Mollie's POV***
"I don't want you to go, Niall." I whisper softly, closing my eyes to stop the tears forming. "I don't want to go, Angel." He whispers back, hands gripped tightly on the steering wheel. I sigh and unbuckle my belt, turning in the seat to face him. 

"I'm worried, Niall." I chew on my lower lip, looking at his face in the dark car.

"I know you are. So am I." He whispers. 

"Come on," He says softly after a long moments silence. He opens the door and gets out, walking over to my side and opening mine. I give him a small smile and take his hand, cradling my now bulging stomach with the other. 

"Have fun tonight." He urges, leading me by the hand up to the front door. 

"I'll try." I say, standing on the step to the apartment and placing a kiss on his nose.

"Is that all I get for an amazing date tonight?" He asks cheekily, raising an eyebrow at me with a smirk. I nod my head and go to turn away with a grin but he grabs my forearms and crashes our lips together; smiling as he does so. 

"Goodnight, Angel." He whispers, lips still close to mine. 

"Goodnight, I love you." I whisper back.

"I love you too," He says, kissing me once more before turning away and walking over to his car.


"Ice cream anyone?" Lucie suggests, walking into the living room, large tub of ice cream in hand. Sienna nods eagerly, stretching her hands out. Lucie hands her a bowl and spoon and then turns to me; dark eyebrows raised. I shake my head in denial, picking at my nails.

"Come on, you know it will cheer you up." She says, eyes twinkling. I smile slowly and take the bowl from her hands.


"What about... Oh my god!" I nearly drop my ice cream in my excitement.

"What about White Chicks?" I exclaim. Sienna has a blank look on her face.

"What's that?" She asks, frowning.

"Possibly the best chick flick ever," Lucie explains, picking it up from the pile of DVDs and slotting it into the tv. The screen comes to life and we all settle down; surrounded by duvets, pillows, chocolate, tea and sweets.

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