(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



43. Bubble baths

***Niall's POV***


The wedding was great! Very few people knew who I was; it was nice to act like I was normal. The newly-weds came up and greeted us, which I was surprised at. The food and atmosphere was absolutely stunning.


I reminisce with a smile as I run a bath. Mollie packed an overnight bag and she dropped it off here before we left. The water swirls the bubbles in a hypnotising pattern. Drawing my eyes away, I check the temperature with my hand.

It's perfect.

I help Mollie into the bath with one hand while her other hand holds her towel up. She has her underwear on underneath. I draw the curtain and smile at her. She hangs the towel over the rod before I hear her moan, sinking into the wet liquid heat.
"It's perfect Niall." Smiling to no one, I strip down to my boxers.
"You decent?" I ask, still smiling.
"Niall, I'm in the bath. Think about it." she says with a joking tone.
I smile before adding "gather the bubbles up, I'm coming in."
She shrieks as I count down from five. By the time I get to one, she's hidden under a blanket of bubbles.
The bath was massive.
I step in before coming to get her on the other side of the bath. She playfully chucks a scoop of bubbles at me before dissolving into a fit of giggles. I wipe the bubbles off my face chucking them in her direction. She slides over to me, wiping her hand of bubbles on my face, smearing it over my nose and cheeks. Grabbing her wrist and the other hand, I pull her over me. Her body fits over mine perfectly. Sliding her up slightly, I press my face to hers. Her lips seek mine as they danced the dance as old as time.


Getting too drugged on her, I pull away smiling smearing some of the remaining bubbles on her face. The bubbles had dissolved, leaving cloudy lukewarm water behind.

Smiling down at her, I get out of the bath and grab a heated towel from the rack. Drying myself with it, I throw it in the wash bin by the door before like a ball to a hoop. Whispering “three points” at Mollie, I grab another warm towel form the rack. Holding it open to her, she gingerly clambers out the tub. She wipes her face on the back of her hand before walking into the towel big enough for two. Rubbing her into it, I dry most of her. Smiling down at her, I retrieve her bag from my room. Leaving her to get ready for bed, I go into my room and change, shutting the bathroom door behind me.



Mollie comes out a few moments later, her bag in hand.


She's wearing a black silk negligee, stopping high on her thighs and low on her chest. Her face is bare, her skin glowing from the bath. She hair tumbles down in soft waves, lightly brushing her shoulders in waves. She smiles sheepishly, saying Simmie brought it for her one year for Christmas as joke. Taking her in, I turn away before that image is forever imprinted into my mind. Snuggling into my bed, she wraps her arms around me. Sidling deeper into the bed, I cuddle into her as we kiss goodnight.


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