(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



18. Bare-feet

***Niall's POV***


After getting my tea and removing myself from the happy couple  I hear something shuffling about in the direction of Mollie's room. Gently knocking on the door, no reply comes. After waiting a few moments, I let myself in. Resting my tea on her dresser, I take in the room again. After realizing that the bed wasn't made, I pull the duvet up the bed and tuck in the corners, efficiency  making the bed. Sitting back on the bed, I rest my head on headboard, my shoulders on the soft pillows. Closing my eyes for a few moments, I realize how much Mollie means to me in so little time. No one has ever effected me like her, no matter how long I spent with them. There was something about her infectious laughter, her bright eyes, her fabulous rare smile and just, well...Her. Smiling to the room, I realize this is more than just a fling.

I know that behind me, on the wall, is a plethora of One Direction posters.  

Dozing off in my own world, I hear the door open. Bare-feet pad confidently over the floor towards the dresser. I hear her singing 'they don't know about us' beautifully as she wanders around the room leisurely  I can smell her fruity soap mixed with the faint trace of tea. I feel the bed dip so slightly near my feet as she sat down. Afraid to open my eyes, I realize she's stopped singing.

“Tea?” she questions to no one in particular; I can almost feel her confused. Her confusion is forgotten as she returns to what she was doing. I open my eyes a slither, not believing she hasn't noticed me. I fully open my eyes and stare into her shocked bark-coloured eyes, hazel in the sunlight streaming around her, making her look like an angel with a halo radiating of her head. her mousy hair is wavy and damp, droplets of water running down her cheeks and dripping slowly onto her shoulders. Thank God, she had some form of clothing on, I could see the pink material peek over her purple towel. Travelling down her body, I see her long legs. The towel barely touches her thighs; giving me the view of her legs worth waking up for. I move my foot slightly, crossing my ankles. Her wide eyes grow wider as she turns to look at me.


“Good morning baby.” I say softly, not wanting to scare her, moving slightly forward, pushing away from the headboard to reach a sitting position, my arms automatically reaching for her. Her hand flies to her mouth, the other to the knot holding her towel up.


She makes no move to me. In fact, she screams, freezing us both in place.

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