(Niall and Zayn)
When bestfriends Simran & Mollie meet two boys on the tube, will something more become of it? Or will heartbreak be the only thing left?


Will their past change the future? Will their future affect the present?



4. AutoGraphs

***Simmie's POV***

Oh. Some days, I just want to groan at her.

It's just a band, they're still normal people. Jeez. And now my head hurts, I'm going to get a massive bruise there tomorrow.

Sighing to myself as I scroll through my emails from my iPhone, I notice Mollie's shaking as she's walking back. Picking up my jacket and my bag, I stroll over to the counter.

“Sweetie, you okay?”

“Yeah! I'm amazing!! Guess what? Zayn wants a mocha! That's your favourite and he was checking you out!” She practically screams.

She's hyper. When she's hyper, she imagines things, I swear. Beaming, she turns around and works the coffee machine. Shaking my head, I tie the ends of her muddy-brown overalls, embellished with “Costa” on the front. She's forever forgetting to tie them up.

Returning to the front of the counter, I rest my elbows on the counter, going on my the tips of my boots and pull my condescending face at her back, I can't help but look behind me at them discreetly.

Surely enough, she was telling the truth.

“Hey, Mo-”

“Two seconds, I need to give them these first.” she interrupts me before rushing off to give them their drinks. I look down at the counter under my arms and give a little half smile. Turning around, I giggle in my head at the way she's trying to act indifferent to them and not run over there.

As she saunters back, she's beaming at me some more.

“Simmieee,” Oh no. When she drags out the syllables in my nickname, she wants something.

Sighing loudly, “What now Mollie?”

“Will you go and get me their autographs please?”

“The things I do for you.” I say, snatching a pen and a bundle of napkins for this.

Pasting another fake smile on my face, I walk over to them. The one with black hair and dark eyes with a caramel complexion looks at me and gives me a half smile in greeting as I stroll towards them. Nodding my head in a return greeting, I ask
"Hey guys, I hate to be a bother but you mind giving me an autograph?"
Hopefully manners, will work in my favour with the help of my innocent smile with my black fluttering lashes. Placing down the napkins and black Costa pen, they work in order to sign it around the table.
My head snaps around when I hear a deep voice, sending shivers down my spine ask me something. It took me a while to take him all in.

His jet black hair is puffy at the top, styled with gel. His face was healthy, strong jaw with high Aryan cheekbones. His shoulders were broad in a healthy way. Not a bad package, with his gorgeous brown eyes.

Giving myself slack to not responding to his question I sweetly ask him to repeat it.
"Who should we make this out to?"
"Mollie please."
"So I've learnt your name?" He asks me as the guys all look at him with amazed faces.
Exhaling with a smile,

"No, that's the waitress' name. She's a massive fan." Pointing over to Mollie, humming songs to herself.
"So what is your name?" He asks with a heart-stopping grin.
Luckily, they've all signed it, so I pick the napkin up and the pen. Getting ready to walk away I say with a wink,
"Take a guess."
Smiling to myself as I walked away, I felt better than I had in a while. In the few strides it took me to get back to Mollie, I made sure I put a show one by wriggling my hips a bit more.

Girls gotta have fun.


"So?" Mollie asks me, barely containing her excitement.
"Voila!" I say with a bad French accent as I whip the scared napkin out of my pocket.

She starts screaming and jumping around, not caring that the boys were looking at us. They were the only ones left at this point, the lunch rush was over.
"Sh! Mollie!"
"Sorry" she says with the biggest grin I'll ever see.  She goes back to getting her and my sandwich from the back room. As she returns I hear that deep voice behind me,
"'Cuse me, Mollie, could I pay?"
"Sure" she says, gobsmacked that he's talking to her. She all but dropped the sandwiches and bottles of water on the table behind me.
I think she's going to fall over.
I will not have smashed sandwiches because of him.
Turning to sit at the table I walk away, feeling someone's eyes on me. 

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