19 year old Eve finds herself attracted to 21 year old Raven but hes not all he seems. Her brother Cole has set him up to make his sister fall in love with Raven and lead her back to Cole so he can kill her once and for all.

Things don't turn out that way when Raven meets her and is blown away by her strength, her honesty, and her pain.

He wants nothing more than to cure her of her demons, but he doesn't want to hurt Cole at the same time. Can he save Eve before its too late?


1. The Present


                 my immortal 

The night was dark and the moon was high, there was no noise in the forest,  just the cold air billowing its presence. The branches were thread like with dead brown leaves hanging on for there lives. A man stood at the edge of the cliff.His eyes surveying  silently judging. His long dark hair blew in the wind around a strong body and a lean waist. He wore black, A black t-shirt paired with leather trousers tucked into black biker boots. This man oozed danger, it surrounded him like a veil of darkness. As the moon rose higher to shine on him, he smiled a cruel twist of his lips and slipped silently back into the cover of the welcoming trees. The world was not going to know what hit them. 



I woke up feeling sick. My purple ringlets glinting  in the morning light. My strange amethyst eyes gazed around the room taking everything in. It was then I noticed the floor. Blood coated the wood like paint, the organs and shredded remains lay rotting as if nothing was wrong. I screamed! 
" Hey babe whats wrong? " Amy gasped as she crashed through the door. 
I squeaked and shakily pointed at the remains. " Its happening again ain't it? " 
"Oh god I hope not" She breathed, her lip trembling. " I will protect you, its my job and I won't fail you." 





"Come on eve," Cole moaned at his 5 year old sister.

They had just been to there father Ricks funeral, and the child was crying her eyes out. She was a member of the Grim brooks family, she was supposed to be strong like the rest of them. Cole rolled his eyes as she continued to bawl. He dragged her roughly away from the watching crowd and into the waiting arms of there three cousins. Mark was the oldest at 18 with short wild brown hair and matching eyes. He stood a staggering 6 ft and was well muscled in dark clothes. Adam was the next in age at 17, with longer brown hair and curious leaf green eyes, a more leaner build  again in black for the funeral. Sam was the youngest at 15 with short black hair, and blue eyes. he wore the same as his brothers over his slight frame. 

Mark reached out and took the hysterical Eve from his arms, getting down to her height and murmuring words of comfort in her ear. It worked though, as he then lifted her silent body into his arms with her tear stained face resting upon his shoulder. The group walked to Ricks old house in silence. As Cole walked, he could feel the rage burning and swelling inside him, he needed to get away and calm down. 

"I want out of this house ." He asked quietly reining in his anger.

" You have a sister to look after now " Adam told him calmly.

" What! you can't just leave me with her, she never shuts up,"

" I just said no, Cole "

"But- " 

"Enough! The pair of you, Cole you are going to stay here and raise your sister. We will stay for a few days until you get sorted then your on your own. Your father raised himself and his family when he was twelve. I'm sure if he can do it then you can." Mark commanded, as he returned from putting Eve to bed.







Cole looked out the window his eyes wide as memories assaulted him. He remembered everything as if it was yesterday. The innocent sister who just lost her father. He also remembered the woman she had become and the things she did. As he turned, the corner of his mouth lifted in a deadly sneer as he recalled the gift Chris had left for his sister that morning. In front of him waited the man himself, wisely silent. given Cole's mood the man as lucky not to be torn apart. 

" Now, where were we? " Cole smirked, arrogantly.

He sauntered over to Chris, who waited patiently upon the red leather sofa. The room was large and empty,with the walls painted black to match the wooden floor. The glass chandelier above there head held the only source of light in the room. Not that it mattered since they could see in the dark anyway. Raven would be here soon Cole mused. Then they could begin to execute the perfect plan for revenge. Eves death.





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