19 year old Eve finds herself attracted to 21 year old Raven but hes not all he seems. Her brother Cole has set him up to make his sister fall in love with Raven and lead her back to Cole so he can kill her once and for all.

Things don't turn out that way when Raven meets her and is blown away by her strength, her honesty, and her pain.

He wants nothing more than to cure her of her demons, but he doesn't want to hurt Cole at the same time. Can he save Eve before its too late?


3. Problems

knock knock knock !!!

Cole woke up to hear someone shrieking. He was about to yell at them to shut up when he released it was him. Would these memories from the past ever cease to frighten him?  He hated them. He dragged himself off the black satin bed in the corner of his room, past the red sofas and to the irritating door. 

" Hello Cole, long time no see huh? " 

" A A Adam? " Cole gasped in surprise.

" Missed me? " He sneered smugly.

Adam strode through the door as if he owned the place and flopped somehow gracefully on the couch leaving a stunned Cole to close the door and sit opposite him. 

" I'm going to guess you know why i'm here Cole, I know what eve did and I also know you want to kill her." Adam explained patiently. 

"Are you going to stop me? " Cole challenged. 

" Quite the opposite, actually." 

"So why are you here? " 

"I don't trust Raven to get the job done. He answers to no-one. If he chooses tomorrow he wants nothing more to do with it, he will walk away, and you cant stop him."

" Ravens my best friend, i trust him Adam!" Cole shouted angrily.

"I get that just... have a back up plan okay ?" Adam pushed his hands through his long brown hair, and spoke again " I didn't come here to argue Cole  I just don't want this to be any harder then it has too. You know what will happen then. Shadow will come and kill us all."



we fought. snarls ripped through the air. our claws clashed as our red saliva pooled around us like endless rivers of blood. the pain coursing through my body enraged me fueling my anger. the ground shifted beneath us. the day became night, and the forest around us screamed in protest. we kept fighting.  icy blasts of wind billowed through the trees, sending an army of crispy leaves towards us. my fur was standing on end, mt eyes were glowing in the darkness but still we fought. my enemy was bleeding furiously as was i. if this fight didn't end soon we would both be dead. where was Amy?






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