19 year old Eve finds herself attracted to 21 year old Raven but hes not all he seems. Her brother Cole has set him up to make his sister fall in love with Raven and lead her back to Cole so he can kill her once and for all.

Things don't turn out that way when Raven meets her and is blown away by her strength, her honesty, and her pain.

He wants nothing more than to cure her of her demons, but he doesn't want to hurt Cole at the same time. Can he save Eve before its too late?


2. Escape

I began to walk through the forest. My feet getting soaked from the poring rain, my hair and cloths plastered to my skin. I had to  get away from here. I knew my brother had found me again. It was the only reason for that.. that.. thing! left on my floor. Who else could know how squeamish I was about my own nature? The nature I had to embrace now. My only option. 

I allowed the humanity to bleed from my body as I embraced my true form. Anger coursed furiously through my veins, igniting a fiery path inside me. I focused on this burn as that horrible feeling consumed me. Razor sharp spikes speared vigorously through my skin taking no prisoners. I was so hot! my body changed to that of the wolf inside me. Black as the night. I allowed my instincts to control me as I ran from my frightful past. I knew i could not run forever. But i could certainly try. 




He considered the proposition he had received. Cole was a valued friend of his, yet he was dubious about pretending to love his sister. Could he pretend to have feelings?  He had told Cole he would return within the hour to give his answer, and that time frame was nearly over. He stood upon the edge of a cliff overlooking the city. Surrounding him were the sounds of nature from the forest behind him. The cool wind blew around his face, soothing him. He saw the moon rise higher and knew his hour was up. He smiled a cruel twist of his lips and slipped silently back into the cover of the welcoming trees. The world was not going to know what hit them. He followed the short trail back to Cole's house, a house disguised as an abandoned building in the forest. He shoved at the heavy concrete slab that blocked the doorway and made his way up the metal stairs. As he entered the room he raised his eyes to Cole's and spoke in a loud clear voice:

" Lets do it,"




I raced through the woods with Amy quick on my tail. No way would she leave me unprotected now. I didn't mind. As a wolf my senses were stronger, especially smell. Right now I could smell another wolf, one i didn't know. This was not my brother but that did not mean he could not have sent some one else. I raced faster to confront them. I could feel Amy's confusion behind me but she kept up easily. Her dark grey fur to my black. We were close to the mystery wolf now and i could feel my heart beat increase. would this lead to a fight? I could only wait to find out.

Claws tore up the dirt and grass sending it flying in the air. Branches crumbled beneath us, and crispy leaves were demolished. The saliva dripped  from our black gums and blood red fangs onto our fur then to the floor. The wind and rain roared around us. I slowed now seeing the blue-black wolf in-front of me. Amy stopped next to me. I was about to shift to my human form for conversation when I was thrown two feet into the air, crashing into a tree. My head snapped back on my neck and agony raced through me. Naturally that became anger. Shaking my fur I growled at my attacker and pounced, going in for the kill.




London 1968


Ricks anniversary was today, Cole mused. Two years ago today his father died. Five days after that his cousins dropped the bombshell that he was to look after his little sister. That wasn't as difficult as he originally thought. She just sat mopey and did what she was told. But her eyes scared him every time. The amount of anger inside them. She wouldn't talk to anyone about how she felt. 

Today they were going to the area Rick was buried. Cole shouted up to his sister, if she didn't hurry up they were going to be late. His sister was silent. Suddenly Cole had a rush of pure dread consume him. Was she okay? He raced up the stairs as fast as he could, panic causing horrible thoughts of what may have happened into his head. He felt sick.Cole lay his ear against the wooden door and listened carefully, straining for an indication of if she was okay. All he heard was a strange mewling noise. Had she hurt herself?

He shouted through to her. "Eve!" there was no answer just the mewling still. Okay, he would go and check on her. He burst through the door to her room and his heart jumped in his chest as goose bumps erupted all over him. He got the surprise of his life!

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