A dream come true

" A job at Starbucks is a normal job. It isn't very exciting. Just a normal job." That's what Julie tought till that day. She never thought that would happen, it's like a dream come true.


3. You will hate me, but....

Julie's P.O.V.


The rest of the day went by fast, now it's noon!!! "Ready?" Lisa asks as I had my clothes back on. "Are we gonna go in our Starbucks uniform?" "Yes." "Okay, 'cause I don't feel like putting on other clothes!" "Tought so!" We go to the mall. "Want to go to Claire's?" "Yaahhhhhh!!!!!!" Man, I love Claire's! Lisa and I buy the same rings for all of us. "When are Iman and Annelaure coming?" "There they are!"

"Heeyyyyyy!" Lisa and I say together. "Heyyyyyy!" they say back. "Look at how cool these rings are!!!!" I squel. "Ohh, yeah!!!!" "And these are yours!!!" Lisa says while giving them the rings. It's a ring for 2 fingers with a mustache on it!!! We go to another store. I see Harry. I go to him and give his sweater back.


Lisa's P.O.V.

"Where is Julie going?" "Oh, she's going to Harry to give back his sweater." I say like it's isn't a big deal. "BUT THAT'S HARRY FREAKIN STYLES!!!!" Iman yells. "I know! He ran into her in Starbucks!!" "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!" I just nod. Iman and Annelaure look really weird...


Julie's P.O.V.

"Hey, Harry! Here's your sweater!" "Oh, thanks!" "Well, I'm gonna get going then." I want to walk away, but he pulls me back to him. "I wanna buy a dress for you!" "No Harry! My clothes are good again!" "But, I want to!" "I'm not gonna make you change your mind, aren't I?" "No, so come!" He pulls me into a store. I look around and see a beautiful dress. I look at the prise... I'm gonna let it hang... I see another dress, not as beautiful as that other dress, but it's pretty! I go try it on.


Harry's P.O.V.

I saw she found that dress pretty. Why didn't she take it? I go lool at it. Oh, the prise! I get it. I take the dress and go to the cash register. I pay for the dress. "Can I ask you a favour?" I ask the cashier. "Yes." "Well, if I get back here with a girl, will you put that dress in her bag?" "Surprise?" "Yes." "Of course!" "Thanks!"

I go back to the changing rooms, just in time. She comes out and she looks stunnig! "What do you think?" she says as she turns around so I can look at her. "You're beautiful, love!!" She blushes, she's so cute when she blushes! Was I falling for this girl? I think so. "Okay, then I pick this one!" "Okay!!!" She goes back into the changing rooms and comes out a couple of minutes later. We go to the cash register.

The cashier puts the dresses quick in the bag and gives it to Julie. I pay and write someting on a piece of paper. I quickly put it in the bag. She doen't notice a thing! We leave the store. I wonder how she will react. "Thanks, Harry!!" she says as she hugs me. "Your welcome!" We continue to walk. "Julie? Can I ask you someting?" "Yes, of course you can!" "May I have your number?" I say while giving her my Phone. She tipes her number and name in. "Sorry, but I have to go!" "Oh, no problem!" "Bye!!!" "Bye!" She walks away and waves, I wave back. I look at her name she had tiped in: Sexxyyyyy Jules ;) She's so Cheeky and hot, but also cute and adorable! I go back to my friends.


Julie's P.O.V.

I go back to my friends. "Hiiiii Jules!" they say. "Hiiii guys!" "Hey, I'm not a guy!" "I know!" "What's in that bag?" Lisa asks."Harry bought a dress for me!!!" Lisa grabs the bag out of my hands and I go order a caramel macchiato. I get back and sit down. "But Julie? There are 2 dresses in this bag!" "WHAT?!" I yell as I spit my coffee out, but luckily in a napkin. "There are 2 dresses in this bag!" "Yes I heard you!!"

I get up and look at the other dress. OH MY GOD!!! It's the dress I really liked! There's a note in the bag...

"Julie, I saw how you liked this dress, so I bought it for you.

You will hate me now, but I know it won't last long!

Julie, I have to ask you another thing....

Will you go out with me? ;)

P.S. You really need to wear this dress, you would be beautiful and stunning.

P.P.S. You can wear what you want 'cause you are always stunning to me. :)

Lots of love, Harry xxx"

"Awww!!" I say. "What?" "Oh, nothing!" "Yes, something! Give it to me!!!!" Lisa yells. She pulls the note out of my hand and the others begin to read with her. They look back to me. "Awwww!!!" they say together. I begin to blush. Right then I get a tekst, I read it and begin to blush more."Hiiii, beautiful! What do you think? Love, Harry xxxx" "Awwww!" they say. "You really have to stop reading with me!" They all begin to laugh, I just laugh with them.



I'm realllyyyyy sorry!!!!!! I didn't update in a while, I mean a long time. But I have a writers block and I feel like nobody likes this story...

If you like my story then let me know, 'cause I don't know if I'm on the good way right now....

I love you guys!!!!

~Stay yourself~

Julie xxxx♥♥♥♥


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