A dream come true

" A job at Starbucks is a normal job. It isn't very exciting. Just a normal job." That's what Julie tought till that day. She never thought that would happen, it's like a dream come true.


1. The dream


There's gonna be much crying in this chapter. Hope you don't mind. This is completely fiction so yeah.



I look inside and see him and his friends. I show my ticket to the bodyguard and he lets me in. Right now, I think, I need to be calm. I go to them and ask them for a hug, picture and an autograph. They are called away, but he stays with me. I'm freaked out on the inside and on the outside I try to be cool. I look around in the room. "You like the room?" "Yes, it is very nice!" "Thanks!" "Can I say something?" "Of course!" "I think I speek for most of the fans. We love you and we are behind you , what you do." Maybe I'm saying what I think. " We don't mind that you have tattoos. I think it's hot!" Wait did I say that out loud? Yes, he has a cheeky grin so. " Well, sometimes we want the old you back with not so much tattoos. Like every two weeks I read that you have a new tattoo. I believe that every tattoo has a deeper meaning to you. But we think it's to much. It's your body, your life and your choice, but I just wanted to say that." Silence. He looks up. Tears. "Is this really how the fans think?" I nod softly. "Than... , than..." He burts into tears. He pulls me in a hug. " I don't want that te fans think like that!" he sobs. Yep, there's my crying session! "But what's your name?" I look up and he looks down. Red eyes and wet cheeks, both of us. "Julie" "Why do you cry, Julie?" "If people cry , who I care about, I cry too. And especially if I made them cry" I sob. "This isn't you fault!" He hugs me again. I lay my head on his chest, his heartbeat calmes me down. "Julie?" "Yes?" I look up. He looks at me. I drown in his eyes. Suddenly I feel a pair of lips on mine. His friends come back in the room. "Wow, that's quick!!" He breaks the kiss. "Very funny!" "Mate, did you cry?" "No!" While he's explaining everything, I just stand there. There's the bodyguard. "Bye guys!" I yell. He runs to me. "Paul it's okay. She's with me. Paul looks weird at him, but lets me go. I look at him, he smiles at me.


"Why was that a dream?" I say to myself. I get up and go to the livingroom. I see that I'm the first one who's up. I really want to say that to him, but I'll never get the chance. I'm thinking when Lisa comes in. "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, my dream." "What did you dream than?" "What I wanna say to him. You know, I told you yesterday." "Oh yeah!" "Are we gonna have breakfast?" "Yep!" We put everything on the table and begin to eat. "Maybe you'll get the chance to say it to him." " Nah , I don't think so." "You never know." "And if I get to meet him I'll never say that!" "But you just..." I look at her with my don't-say-it-look. She puts her arms up in surrender. "I'm gonna get ready for work!" "Okayyy!" I go to the bathroom and let the shower run. I hop under it. The warm water sends chills down my spine. I get out the shower and get a towel. I brush my teeth and comb my hair. I go to my room and put on my Starbucks shirt, my black skinny's and my green Vans. A little bit mascara and I'm ready. I get back to the livingroom and sit on the couch. Lisa goes to the bathroom. I watch some TV till she's ready. "Ready!" "Of we go than." "Yep!" I get my keys and we go to the lift.


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